13 inches and growing

Jon and I decided that we are finally ready to upgrade our tv to something other than the fancy 13-inch vcr combo that currently resides in our living room.  However, neither of us are educated enough on the current trends to make a confident decision on what we should buy.  This is clearly the crowd to ask: we're looking for a bargain, and nothing too over-the-top.  Since our tv area is in a corner (i.e. on a diagonal), I don't think we can actually mount anything on the wall.

 What do you guys recommend?



I relied heavily on CNet's TV reviews to make my decision.  We got a lower-end 42" Panasonic plasma at CostCo and have been satisfied.  They also have good deals on Vizio.


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I saw that title and thought 1) I am on the wrong website and 2) stop your bragging.


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I'm so glad it created some sort of reaction

I was trying really hard to be clever.


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I reccomend going for something bigger, only because then you can get the 1080p display- which is a much better picture- usually only available in the 40+ size.  The 720p is also very good if that is too big for your space, but if you have HD channels on your cable plan you will really see a difference with the 1080p.  Go to ebay and you can buy a best buy 10% off coupon for $1 or so and best buy will match any competitors' price, so if you find it cheaper anywhere just bring in a printout from the web and they'll match it, plus you'll get the 10% off.  Sony and Samsung are known as the best brands, but in my research I haven't found the price to be worth the difference.  The Insignia brand at best buy is the generic brand of LG, but has the same guts and everything as the LG TVs.  The Dynex brand is comparable to Vizio, usually inline with insignia pricing- but I'd do insignia over Dynex.  I think it is better to pay for size and pixel rather than brand so I'd go with the insignia 42in in 1080p- its $700, plus you can get 10% off, plus join the best buy rewards zone and you;ll get a $15 gift certificate.  i have an insignia and a vizio and i don't see a difference between mine and my parent's sony...  how exciting!


Thanks so much, babe.  Incidentally, I think you may be in the wrong line of work.