S&C expansion

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If you haven't already heard, the Shoes & Cocktail enterprise has expanded. We are very, very excited to have LC's younger sis, Miss Mojito (or Miss M for short) as a regular blogger. You can check out her first post at: http://shoesandcocktails.com/2009/01/07/new-year-new-shoes/. Kind-of a no-brainer for me -- you know she has good taste if she's related to LC.  



my prediction for hot shoe and cocktail of 2009

tarpaulin squares and twine + the last coca-cola on earth


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Put down the book josh. The apocalyse hasn't happened yet.


On a happier note. I love the new blogging cherry's!

it's coming

we're witnessing the start of a global great depression, and the only thing that got us out of the last depression was a world war. we're headed in that direction again, and this time everyone's packing nukes.

so, lessons learned from the road (spoiler alert):

- when you hear low concussions and the sky glows pink outside your windows, fill up the tub with water (but don't take a bath)

- keep moving  

- fake wood bullets are better than no bullets; flare guns are better than no guns

- putting a rag over a jar will allow you to fill it up with water while keeping out most of the nuclear ash

- you don't need canned pears AND canned corn in one sitting; try rationing

- pray you live within one of the blast radii