So That Happened - the deets

By popular request - here are the fabulous details from an amazing night!

You all know that Jerry is an amazing writer, and a very thoughtful person. Since we met I have received cards and letters and poems every once in a while that I love! 

So, for our anniversary on December 2nd Jerry and I exchanged cards.

Jer wrote me a poem and said that it would take more than one card to say since then I have gotten a card every day with a new thought!

All the cards have had the same image on them - of a bridge in Central Park, just below the Plaza Hotel and next to Wollman Rink.

Last night he surprised me with dinner at one of my favorite places, and then with a drink at the new champagne bar at The Plaza. And, of course, a quick visit to see Eloise. (Since I am a kindergarten teacher and a native New Yorker she is a big deal!)

And all night Jerry was talking about all the Christmas lights in the city and all the internet reading he does about events in the city and on and he suggests we walk into the park. For some reason I decided there must be fireworks at Wollman Rink or something.

But before we get to the Rink we walk over this bridge. Jerry kept asking me, "Do you know where you are?" And I, was TOTALLY CLUELESS! So, after the third attempt Jerry just told me - "This is the bridge from the cards!"

Then he gave me one more card and it said: "Will you marry me?"

And I said yes!

See you all soon!



OMG, cutest story ever.

OMG, cutest story ever. Congrats you little love birds!

that is so amazing

what a great story to tell your kids. all the best, can't wait to see you both and give you giant hugs!

jesus christ

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This is about the finest engagement story I've ever heard! The planning, the execution -- it is like a dream. Jerry Smith, I am so proud of you. Isabelle, I think you should frame those cards. I'm so happy for both of you -- many congratulations!