Weekend In Milan

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Saturday market fruit and veggiesLast weekend I went to Milan to visit my wonderful friend Gita and see a little more of Italy. So I really feel like the universe wanted me to go on this trip because my flight was at 2:55 on Friday from Gatwick and when I got to Victoria Station at 1pm I realize that I have forgotten my passport at home. So to get my passport I have to get back on the tube up to Kings Cross, get a cab to my house and then have him drop me off at the Highbury and Islington Tube so I can take the victoria line back down to Victoria station then take Gatwick Express the 30 minutes to the airport. This journey entails me going from North London to South of London to get to the airport.

Duomo - Milan Cathedral I fully accept my stupidity and realize that I am going to have to pay a stupid amount to get a one way ticket to Milan at 6pm when the next flight goes. 

The train gets into Gatwick at 2:30 so I assume that I am not making it so I go to security and there is no line so I go through but get stopped becuase my face cream is more the 100ml so they have to check my bag. Now I am sure I am not making it. When I get my bag back I look at the screens and my flight is still boarding! So I go running to the gate and I actually make it onto the flight as the last person on. I board at 2:50. There is no way I should make that flight but yippee! 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II When you get to Milan you have to take a bus from the airport to the city centre it takes about an hour. When I get in, we go to this lovely little restaurant which I find out is more southern Italian style food. Which means we have this mozzarella that is the most amazing cheese I have ever tasted. It was creamy and perfect. I also had the house special pasta which was homemade pasta with tomatoes, basil and parmesean. 

Next morning I wake up to the wonderful sunshine and a lovely outdoor market right outside. So we walked around the market and got some shopping done and then went to the touristy parts. 

Milan The touristy parts are amazing - The Duomo the Cathedral is like nothing I have ever seen it is huge and white and really cool inside. It is just massive. Right next door is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II this huge galleria that has prada and gucci and a mcdonalds and is really beautiful inside. 

Tiny Doors We then walked over to the streets where all the designer shops are where you can play the game of "guess how much this costs" and nothing was under 500 euros. Milan is a place of shoes and bags and coats and they are all beautiful and I coveted everything. 

Milan is also a place of new and old architecture so some walls and buildings will have really old reliefs right next to new buildings. 

They also have some amazing graffiti this one that was all over the city was of gary coleman. It was kind of weird to see his face everywhere. 

On Sunday we walked from one side of the town to the other in about three hours walking between old and new streets, it was fun that sometimes the streets would be curvey and narrow or new and wide. 

graffiti I think I saw only a fraction of the city which just means I have to go back. I think next time a trip to Lake Cuomo so I can meet up with George Clooney is in order. 

All pictures are here. I got a little crazy with the camera, but it just happens when you are in a place like this. 


your hair!

Your hair is so long!

I know

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I didn't have a new person to go to yet to cut my hair and I have been so busy that I haven't had time to figure it out.

That ended today though - bit the bullet and went to the Aveda salon and got it all back to normal and short. 

 I feel so much better!


the first three paragraphs of your story gave me diarrhea

You have no idea

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How badly I felt. It was mad.