Is no one watching TV?

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I don't understand - It is november and no one is talking about any TV shows. What are you all watching? Has it just been the election and you have all missed TV?

Is anyone watching Life on Mars? I have been watching both the US and the UK version. The first couple of episodes are almost exactly the same. The main difference is that I do like the US version a little better for the following reasons:

Harvey Kaitel is the boss
Crissy from the Sopranos has the best facial hair I have ever seen and he has some great lines
The main character is much hotter in the US version then in the UK version. Even though he is actually an Irish Actor.

But in the end - The UK version was 2 seasons and had a beginning and an end and the US version is probably not going to make it until january.

UK Version

US Version - How can you not love the hair?


Watching so much tv

No time to post on MB. Not watching LOM though. We were watching both the Ex List and My own Worst enemy until they both got cancelled. I feel like those were the only new shows I tried this year, except 90210 which I actually really like now. Oh, and Fringe, which I tolerate but Jerry really likes. Kath and Kim is terrible. So glad Top Chef is back on.