Cinque Terre - Day two

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Riomaggiore Day two of my adventure weeks ago. We took the train to the first town to start. I have to say, everyone on our train car were americans. It was weird. I heard more american accents in Italy then I have in the past couple of months. We met a lovely couple from northern california.

Riomaggiore So these towns are really small and there are a few little highlights in each of the towns. Mostly it is a lot of walking around in these cute towns that sort of come out of the side of the mountains. Also the priests wear the old style robes which my mom thought was adorable and kept trying to take pictures of them. I think it was sort of how I felt about the baby monks in cambodia. 

Lovers walk So there is a 20 minute walk between town one and town two. It is called the lovers walk and it is well paved and there is a tunnel which has lots of graffiti which of course I took pictures of. 

Town two was the second favorite place mostly because we had lunch right off the water and I had the local dish that was anchovies and tomatoes baked together and it was amazing. Along with a lovely bottle of wine, we stayed there for a few hours because it was so nice. 

Manarola We then walked to town three, which to actually get to the town you can walk up 300 stairs or this very wandering road that just keeps going up. But when you actually get to the town it is again amazing views, little streets to wander up, it was just great. 

We had dinner that night back in town five at this place that has tables right on the edge of the cliffs it was just really pretty and this food was good and they didn't try to over charge and we got tiramisu and of course it was amazing. 

Early the next morning we got back on the train and had a few hours in Pisa to see the leaning tower which I have to say, is crazy it really doesn't look real even up close. The church in the square is also really just amazing and it included another dried human remains, except for the first time it was the whole body and not just a hand or a skull or some other body part. Gotta love those European churches. 

Pisa Then back on the plane and back into rainy cold London. Bean had to leave the next morning and my mom and I went off to Amsterdam. While I saw nothing of Amsterdam except the hotel and conference rooms, my mom got a few hours to see some of the city. And even had some time to buy bathroom handles made of camel's teeth. They are really nice.