I Voted

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I voted - Well last week. But hopefully it made it. I want to know all your experiences? Was the lines crazy long? was there a mad rush? Let me know!



We voted in person yesterday morning. It was the shortest line I have ever stood in to vote, including plain old governor's races. We were very lucky.

voted on saturday

i'm so anxious - it's like report card day and fantasy football draft all rolled into one.

for me

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its like when the colts were playing in the superbowl

me too

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mgc and i voted early.

i know we won't find out anything for like 10 hours (if we're lucky), but I can't concentrate on anything today!

No one can concentrate anywhere

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There are a bunch of all night watchings going on here. And the BBC is full time election coverage.

Voted last week

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in person absentee.

 Took about 20 minutes and even got a sticker.  Voted at City Hall.