Restaurant Review

Jerry's newest review of Ray's Hell Burger is in this month's Lyon Park Citizen on page 19


If you're terribly bored, feel free to turn to page 17 to my scintillating review of the Lyon Park yard sale and bake sale.



i'm inspired.

Do I see reviews in the

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Reston Chronicle in your future?

Munks taking over

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So happy to see you are both taking over Lyon park. When will you be running for office? I can't believe your neighborhood newsletter is 17 pages long! Is Lyon Park the new H Street corridor?

Great Articles

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I can't wait until Jerry's alliances with the Big Restaurant conglomerates conflict with the Julie's friends the purveyors of the local yard and bake sales.  The whole thing - a classic struggle between the upheaval justified as "progress" by big business and the desire for the status quo seen by some as the last bastion of good old small town values - will be played out in the pages of the Park Citizen by their respective champions - Jerry and Julie.  Well, you can just imagine that this will cause awkward (and hilarious!) moments between the Munks until a climactic town hall meeting at which point everyting will somehow work out.

And if it doesn't happen that way, I'm selling this script as the next Kate Hudson/Drew Barrymore vehicle. 


meat empire

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So glad you were able to get that term into a review.