Ode to old friends found and lost again

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From the age of 10 until college the singular thing that defined me was swimming. It was pretty much all I did and all I wanted to do and most of my friends revolved around swimming and most of the choices I made during that time all revolved around swimming. I don't regret it at all. I loved swimming and the friends that I made. Key people that I spent 90% of my time with were Lia, Jim and Bridget. I met them in the 6th or 7th grade the were a 2years older but we were on the same swim team and I think being friends with them made me who I am today.

When it was time to go to high school, I decided to skip going to the school closest to the my house so that I could be on the swim team with those three. I think over the years I have tired to say that it was because of other things, but I went to USDHS for the swim team and nothing else. 

We saw Army of Darkness in the theatre, I saw spaceballs for the first time with them, I know the obsession with Star Wars was because of many days spent talking about it with them, They might be giants and the violent femmes will always be favorite bands of mine. My sometime bizzare and very geeky at times personality I know is becuase of the times I spent with them amongst others. We spent so much time together for years, 18 hour days at swim meets all over california and Arizona, 4 hours a day in the pool, breakfast after morning practice, dinner after afternoon practice, hanging out in between the two, it was all the time for years. 

But then you go to college in different places, you come back in the summer to train together but then people graduate, I quit swimming and you sort of lose touch because you aren't at the pool anymore. 

Then facebook comes along and guess what - Last week I became friends again with Lia and Jim and a few others from that time and it is soooooooo great to see what they are doing again and that they have great lives and doing well. I have to say the last week on facebook has been just so great to see these people again who I have truely missed from my life. 

I found out today that Jim passed away in his sleep on sunday suddenly. I know I have actually spoken to him in at least 10 years, but it is just such a tragedy that he is gone from the world.  If nothing else - I am so glad I found him again and said hi and glad you are doing well before he left. The world will miss you Jim. So will I.