Bad Stuff Eatery


Did anyone ever eat at this place?  I know there was some talk about going when it first opened, so I thought I'd share this news.  Icky.

(I seem to be the bringer of bad news on this blog!  My next post will be a happy one - promise!)


health violations might be saying things nicely

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"including such culinary clangers as storing beef in an alley behind his Capitol Hill café." Whaaattt?

That is a little gross.

Health Departments

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I don't know ... a lot of chefs get pissed about state health departments' transparency... And complete failure to allow for an equally public response -- unless you are a celecrity chef and get an interview on WTOP. If you look around, ALL restaurnats have similar citations.



I'm still going

Whenever I find myself in the area, totally there.