Got my absentee ballot today

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Week has been an interesting one for me. Sunday my friend Thecla and I took the number 19 bus from Angel to Chelsea. The Lonely Planet guide for London says if you don't want to pay of the tour bus, if you take the number 19 bus and sit on the top in the front, you basically get the same tour. Which was great. You go through picadilly circus, green park, hyde park corner, knightsbridge, slone square and onto Chelsea. It ended up being a pretty nice day and we went shopping in the lovely stores in chelsea. I bought a new bag that will fit more then I need to and then bought another pair of MBTs because I realized that for the past month I have only worn my MBTs so I might as well get a second pair so I switch up the shoes. I Love them.

So we decided to walk back from Chelsea to home. We went from south west London to North East London. In all we walked 10k. (I have a pedometer now that tracks kms as well as steps). 

On our way back we passed the Ritz and since it was 4 and we were starting to get tired, we thought even though there is a 2 month waiting list for high tea at the ritz might as well give it a try. And lucky enough, I think they felt bad for us and we got a table for 1 hour to have high tea. It was a tad on the pricey side, but it is all about the expericence of high tea. Lots of little sandwiches and cakes and amazing scones with cream and strawberry jam. Usually you have like 2 or more hours to linger over tea since we were going to be shoved out in an hour we shoveled sandwiches and cakes into our mouths as fast as possible. Still very good. 

The kept walking all the way back, but great day. 

Tuesday I went with Megan and James to Ikea. First time in the UK being in a car that was not a taxi. Megan did a great job driving, and I realized that I am never driving here. Ikea was very similar to the US. I think most of the stuff I saw I had seen in the US stores. I bought a chair and some kitchen stuff like a wok and other random little things. The best part was that I could buy more stuff then I could carry. That is the first time since I have been here that I was able to go to a store and leave without having to walk at least 15 minutes with everything. That was fun. It took me forever to put the chair together, and I managed to put the wine rack together wrong the first time. 

Tonight was Book Club at the Betsy Trotwood. I didn't read the book along with a few others, but from the sounds of it from the people who did read it, I didn't miss much. And guess who moved to London yesterday - Imran! So he joined for book club and pints. 

Then I get home tonight and what is waiting for me - My absentee ballot. Sending it in shortly. Good times.


So lovely!

I love the number 19 bus!  And Chelsea!  Have you been to a Chelsea football club match yet??

It sounds like you're having such a great time there.  I wish I could visit.  British Airways just emailed me with deals on flights to London - "only" about $640 RT to London from DC.  In case that works in anyone else's budget, I think the offer is good on flights through March 2009 or so.