Things from the week so far

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Randomness of the week so far, and why I like living in London. 

- I went to a museum exhibit this weekend that was about different burial grounds that had been dug up to put new buildings on top of. Including a roman burial ground that is now a pizza hut and a plague era burial ground that ended up where the mint was for many years and all the skeletons are green from the waste from the mint. Such a old city turns up lots of things.

- The museum was the wellcome collection which is an american who moved to london and started a drug company in the late 1880s or so. Like all rich people at that time (yes I am generalizing, but it seems to hold pretty true) they collected lots of random stuff. This museum has a lot of it. shrunken heads, torture chairs from china, weird medical device, it was a odd collection to say the least. 

- Positive side, I found a new bus route. 

- Tonight I was on the tube and the guy standing next to me lights I think the biggest joint I have ever seen. The car fills with pot smoke. No one says anything. I find it funny that no matter what country you are in, metro/tube riding is the same. No eye contact, no speaking, crushed against people most of the time. 

- Book club was cancelled tonight because only 2 of us read the book, a few of us still went for drinks. Queens Head pub which is close to my house but I had never been inside before. I think I like it. I wish it wasn't always so crowded. 

- It is 57 today. I was not ready for it to be so cold already. 



<<a roman burial ground that is now a pizza hut>>

talk about an affront on italian culture!

Would it be okay

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if it was a Little Ceasar's instead?

well done, sir