Les Misbarack

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This is genius. The campagin office sings. If you like it, pass it on. I got chills. And a little teary.


we need more "chill the fuck out" sentiment...

... fewer broadway musical homages...

don't dis Les Mis

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Actually this video just made me want to see the play again. I really liked the play. I think I even had the t-shirt.

We just saw it

Last weekend at Wolftrap and so did Elvis. It was my fourth, I love it so much. And I love this video even despite everything Josh said.

no offense

what i meant was that we're not winning any independents with broadway homages; i'd prefer to see the internet flooded with picks of obama saying "chill the fuck out"

i can't even stomach the focus on palin.  think the media's early focus on that pregnancy bullshit put them in a hole and took the obama campaign along for the ride.  looks like ike is soaking up most of the oxygen this morning though and relatively little news from or about obama or mccain.  here's hoping they can push the reset button and get past arguments about sexism - it's smothering the campaign.  maybe you stow the female surrogates away for a little while, since it's only perpetuating the conversation.  roll out bill clinton to take mccain down a few pegs - he's the only former president near the campaign trail.  it shows hillary-unity without reigniting a conversation about the other woman.  question is:  will bill do it?  and do it right?  one would hope.

Huffington Post

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Agrees with you JW.

Enough! Why Obama Should Release His Righteous Rage

"Now, as the crises facing our country intensify, and the campaign McCain is running becomes sleazier and more trivial, it's time for Obama to unleash his inner Atticus -- or at least the key element of Finch that Obama seems reluctant to embrace: righteous rage."

I love tina fey

I think she should be president