Jack the Ripper and Beatles Tours

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Earlier this week I went on the Jack the Ripper tour through east London. It actually was pretty fun. There were 10 of us that went. You wait outside a tube station a little before 7 and pay your 7 quid to a random person and then all of a sudden that person is your tour guide.

The tour lasts about 2 hours and there is lot of walking involved. Also pretty gory with the pictures and the descriptions of the mutilated bodies was kind of gross. 

At points, you are standing basically outside of someone's window and since this happens I think every night, a few of the people are a little mad at making the mistake of moving next to a daily walking tour. So they start yelling out the window to shut up. Kudos to the guide for not letting it get to her. 

Overall review from the group was that it was good, gory, a little too much walking, but still pretty fun. It also didn't rain on us. I also got my bearings better about how to get to brick lane. Every time I go, I turn the wrong way out of the tube station and end up walking around for a while. I think I can now get there straight away. psyched! More Curry for me!

A few weeks ago, I did the Beatles walking tour with Megan and Scott. That was also fun, but in a totally different way. The tour guide was a crazy Beatles fan and there were at least 5 people on the tour actually wearing Beatles t-shirts. We went to Abbey Road and watching the rest of the tour try to recreate the album cover was hilarious. Abbey road is actually a busy street with buses and cars who were just so pissed at having to keep stopping for random people without their shoes on trying to reacreate an album cover. 

You also end up standing outside random peoples houses because one of them Ringo Starr and John Lennon once lived there and the other place Paul wrote another famous song. I would be pissed if I lived in those houses, but they didn't yell out. It was also in the late morning so maybe they now know to leave the house before the tour shows up.




Can we do all that stuff when we come visit?

Of Course!

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There are like 400 walks in london so we can try out all different ones.

Brick Lane Curry is key to all visits.