Michael Phelps is a god

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I cannot believe that he did that amazing feat. That was just great. That 100 Butterfly was just insane winning by a hundredth of a second? Insanity. Wow Wow. And the 200 IM he just rocked it. Just amazing.

Rebecca Adlington of the UK has done an amazing job in the 400 and 800 free. Crazy fast.

I am sad that the swimming is over. Onto WaterPolo, Diving and Sychro.

I believe that some of those chinese gymnasts are under age.

Just in case anyone missed it. The Hungarian weightlifter Janos Baranyai who dislocated his elbow.

What has everyone else been watching?


Love it love it

I got to see Friday and Saturday nights' MP races in bars, it's so fun to have everyone cheering for him. I think we'll rememer the 100 Fly forever, it was so awesome.

Those elbow pictures make me cringe ...

MP Facts

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New site: http://michaelphelpsfacts.com/Welcome.html

8.There is no need to save the whales, Michael Phelps has saved them all.

.Every time you see a shooting star you are really watching Michael Phelps train in space.

MMichael Phelps caught Moby Dick.  He then let him go because he is just that awesome

phelps is so last week

usain bolt is the new michael phelps.

MP in London

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On Sunday. I am going to brave the serious crowds to go see him do the handoff for the 2012 Olympics.