Olympics - Another recap

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Random thoughts as I try to catch up on my Olympic watching. I am only to Monday so a little behind, but getting there.

  • I guess I should have realized that they are going to put on more horse riding then I thought. I do live in Britain now.
  • At first I was going to FF through the archery, but I got really into the team competition. Britain vs. China. It was down to the last arrows and it was really good. The Brits lost. They had two guys who hit the bullseye and then the last guy was on the outside ring (WTF?)
  • The Kayaking stuff seems really hard. My whitewater class was nothing like that
  • They are interviewing the Iraqi rowers. So cute. They seem really excited to be here.
  • I decided I am only watching sports you don't usually see so no tennis or soccer
  • Badminton is also out because I just really can't believe this is still a sport that is not just played in your backyard or in ninth grade gym. It does kind of make me giggle.
  • The Brit girl who won the 400 free, You should have heard the announcers. One was crying and the other was blubbering. It was great. They were so excited.
  • My Olympic Connection - Moriah Van Norman who was on my swim team growing up is on the women's water polo team and she scored a goal against china yesterday.