Olympic Recap - A little Update

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I will do my recap of my trip and other things later this week. Still having issues with posting videos. Links are working again. Sorry abou the delay, but I have to get any sun time that I can. I do have my pictures up here.

First off - I didn't Tivo the opening ceremonies most of the time, there are only about 10 minutes of it that is exciting and it is usually 4 hours long. Something you can totally miss or find on the NBC or BBC online players if you want to see it.

Becuase of my trip, I am a few days behind - Only on Saturday events so please no one tell me what is going on real time. I will get there soon enough. My thoughts so far:

  • The BBC does about 400 times better job with the olympics then NBC. It is on BBC1 and BBC2 10 hours a day with only a 2 minute commerical break every hour.
  • They actually interview athletes and show the whole thing and not just the british but americans, australians, italians, russians, japanese.
  • They do have some sob stories, but I have only seen a few so far.
  • First day of watching I saw - Badminton, men's cycling, swimming, dressage, mens gymnastics
  • They actually show multiple qualifying heats of swimming. It is awesome so see so much of the meet
  • Michael Phelps is a big deal here
  • I still love Ian Thorpe except that in his interview he was kind of badmouthing MP
  • I do not understand why dressage is an olympic sport, it just seems like someone on a horse going around a sqaure sand plot. I don't get it.
  • Lots of Men's Gymnastics - How do they do some of those things I cannot figure out how you make your body hold you up like that.
  • Badminton was kind of boring I FF'ed through a lot of it.
  • I kind of miss regular speedos on the swimmers
  • I do really like the US flag speedos thought that is awesome!
  • The weather or smog or whatever in Bejing looks just terrible
  • I would really love to see that swimming pool I like how it changes colour.
  • They do keep bringing up the fact that the swimming finals are in the morning so it is closer to live in the US.
  • OMG GWB is in the crowd for the finals and holds up the american flag the wrong way. Good job.
  • I got a little choked up when MP won the 400 IM (my god that was so f'ing fast) and when the Korean guy won the 400 free also a great race. I get a little teary at amazing swimming.

Michael Phelps! Michael Phelps! Michael Phelps! He is awesome.