The Olympics are Coming - Get Ready

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I am excited for the Olympics to start. Thankfully my DVR is in place so I will be able to blog some of the events, but due to a massive amount of work, I fear that I will not be able to give as many highlights as I would like. To make sure that everyone gets enough Olympics. NBC today launched their online video hub for the 2008 Olympics. It features free on-demand video of over 20 different events.

You have to download a player and it only works on PCs but get it here.




Is there a schedule somewhere? I need to know what to DVR next week while we're gone. I don't want to miss anything exciting.

I'd love to see a schedule

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The one time I'm sad to be at the lake.  Think I'll miss all the swimming!


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Here is the site. If you put in your zip code you get the correct listing. I guess it depends on where you are what you get to see.

If you are in the UK - this is the schedule.


I have it set to DVR everything while we are away this weekend. We will also be missing the SYTYCD finale - someone will have to check a black berry!