What to read?


I am on a reading tear this summer-- I can't stop! TV has taken a backseat-- except for Deadwood (which I totally missed the boat on the first time around-- I am OBSESSED) and SYTYCD, I've been completely disloyal to the DVR.

I just bought three new books today. Which one should I read first (and possibly choose for the next book club)? I don't know how to do Mere's voting thing, sorry...

Loving Frank: A Novel

How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life

The Year of Magical Thinking


I vote for option 3

Sounds a little sad, but interesting. I am very much looking forward to tomorrow night's discussion.

joined a new book club

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I have joined a new book club here in London we meet at a pub. It is so fun to meet at a pub. It is like our book club, not much discussion about the book, but lots of drinking.  Anyway - our new book is going to be The Road by  Cormac McCarthy. Also EW did the best 100 books of the past 20 years if you are looking for books.

I tried to read the year of magical thinking, I didn't get very far I got bored in the first 30 pages and couldn't do anymore. 

I just read Number 3

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It's super fast and I'm sure would be good for some lively conversation. I want to read her actual novels now too. Don't know if I enjoyed it b/c it's such a sad sad story.