4th of July in Dublin

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Over the weekend I figured it was a good idea to celebrate the independence of the UK from Britain, I would go to Ireland. And the better part - I got to visit Jojo and Kieran so I got a local tour of the city. Good times.

Poetry in a Pint of GuinnessI arrived on Friday and met up with Jojo and Kieran and we got my first pint of Guinness in the homeland. It was good. Then we went to the Ireland Ex-Pat Democratic party BBQ. It was held at the Guinness Athletic Club which was in the heyday the athletic club for Guinness employees it has grass tennis courts and lawn bowling. As well as a great old bar. So we drank some more, ate some hotdogs, drank more beer. Then it was time to go up to the activity room where we were supposed to get a call from the obama campaign, but there were technical difficulties. Then there was a raffle and we CLEANED UP. We won 160 euros worth of gift certificates to the nicest restaurant in Dublin, a bottle of wine and a Kieran won a pair of sneakers. It was awesome. And then we kept drinking.

Me and JojoAfter the BBQ we went back home and watched Little Britian.

Day 2 - Tourist day - We went to the Guinness Storehouse to do the super tour. Which includes after 7 stories, a free pint of Guinness as the Gravity bar at the top. The tour was actually quite good, not overwhelming with the information, spread out, we did get stuck behind some tour groups which made it a little slow, but fun. The weekend seemed to be the weekend for stag and hen nights (bachelor and bachelorette weekends) so there were lots of people in matching hand-made shirts, wigs, funny hats and facepaint. Did I mention this was noon? It ended up being a sunny first part of the day, and the bar is all windows so you got a great view of the city.

After the tour we went to the famous place by Christ Church that does fish and chips. It was amazing, could be that I was a little drunk, but really - It was amazing. And then I felt sick from all the fried food. But a good sick. So we went back for a nap and it had started to rain. After the nap - we went to dinner at eatery 120 which was very good. Lots of wine and prosseco. Then after - the craziness of Dublin, instead of giving you a parking ticket - they boot your car at infraction #1. So we parked on a street that had paid parking until midnight and we thought like all parking everywhere saturday parking ends at 7! Totally insane. Can you imagine getting your car booted with every parking ticket in DC? I would have just given the city my car.

After the boot was taken off (actually only took about 15 minutes, I think they were around the corner booting someone else) we went to this other bar had a few drinks and then went home. I also got to see the original McSorleys which I have been to in NYC.

DublinSunday - We got up and went to the farmers market that was by J&K's house. It was nice. I got a german sausage with curry powder it was very good. Then we walked back and I made it back to London by the late afternoon.

J&K's place is great. Since I have a crap shower it was really nice to take a shower when I don't have to hold the hose over my head. They also have a great deck if only it wasn't so rainy it would be perfect for BBQ.

I had a super weekend. I am so glad I was able to go. All pictures from the weekend are on flickr.