Borough Market

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I went to Borough Market yesterday, it is by London Bridge and my foodie friends, you would love this place. Thankfully I only had 30 pounds with me so I couldn't buy anything else also the fact that you have to carry everything back with you, also makes for not buying everything I wanted. I did get a s*&t-ton of stuff and it was awesome. So the amazing things at this market are the various, cheese, olives, fresh made bread, freshly sliced prosciutto and fresh buffalo mozzarella. Vegetable and fruit stalls, a speciality tofu stall, a section on meat terrines. I will give you the run down on what I bought:

a bottle of single farm virgin olive oil - it is amazing, turkish Hummos, olives stuffed with peppers, olives stuffed with almonds, olives stuffed with garlic, marinated wood mushrooms, olive and black truffle tapanade, fresh organic french bread, fresh buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto that they cut in front of you, tomatoes, rasberries, apricots, blackberries, Stilton cheese that was better then any I had ever seen, drunken goat cheese, sheep milk cheese, and aged gouda. Megan came over and we ate lots of it and drank lots of wine and watch SYTYCD. Great day and night. Here are some pictures on my journey to the market and inside.

Vegetable Stall

The rest of the photos here.


Sounds perfect

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Will be the first place we visit when we come! You should see the size of the three cucumbers we've grown this summer!

wild boar sausage with raspberry sauce

sounds as good as it looks.  something for the next pork battle.

The market looks

The market looks amazing....I am a huge fan of markets and it looks like you found a great one. I am jealous! :)