Book clubbers

I have way too much time on my hands at my National Gallery temp job. I actually downloaded the book club book so I'd have something legitimate-looking to do on my computer! Am I the last person to know about this site?


how about lunch?

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i am two blocks from you. when could have lunch in the sculpture garden one day? or, you could give me a museum tour?

Yes, please!

I haven't actually been through the gallery recently, to be shamefully honest.  I'm working in the East Building, though I prefer the West, and I would love to see the Puryear exhibition that's going on now.  I'm free ANY day next week, so let me know what works!

tues or wed

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work for me. shall i meet you in the west building, near the puryear exhibit around 12:15?

Jerry says I am in...

....when we got home on Monday night to find multiple emails from all of you about book recommendations and the opportunity to join goodreads. So, tonight joined all of you here, too! I like the idea of a social networking site that has an academic bent, so I am all into it. But, on Monday I also met Jerry's cousin, Eddie Conlon who wrote a book about being part of the right now Blue Blood by Edward Conlon is my hot read.


As a reading purist, I find it odd and unnatural to read books on a computer. And I have a book smelling addiction.

I am enjoying the house of mirth ...

house of mirth

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I <heart> edith wharton.

I have found that it doesn't matter what city I am in, I can't read on a moving vehical be it metro, tube, or bus. So I am back to audible and downloading books. Kitchen Confidential at the moment. Which is great because it is read by Tony Bourdain. (I feel like I have a connection because his voice is in my head 90 minutes a day)

Let's do a book club conference call!

It will only be midnight your time.

House of Mirth

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Lange - Do you have your copy from Amazon yet? If so can I borrow your library copy? Went this week and they were out of it. LC

i'll be done this weekend

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when you get back from ny, i'll be done. i'll drop it off.

i have never read edith wharton and i really like this book. i've ordered age of innocence too. for those not reading, there's also a movie with gillian anderson, dan aykroyd and laura linney. 

Who picked Edith Wharton?

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What an amazing choice. I am so glad others get to see what a great writer she was, the intensity of the small gestures in her books are just amazing to me. In high school I got obsessed with her writing and read a bunch of her stories another one is Ethan Frome.

Sarah B.

Ooh, I will definitely check out the movie