Greetings from London

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Hi everyone - Finally made it here lowdown on what has conspired so far:

  • Flight was pretty uneventful. I slept for almost 3 hours! and missed the ends of every movie I started. I also think I was snoring next to the cute boy who was sitting next to me. He was in law school at W&M and when I told him I went to undergrad there, he was like "oh" and not really in a good way.
  • The place I am staying right now is by paddington station and they gave me the best room, which was nice of them, but it is on the 5th floor and no elevator (lift) a lot of stairs for a tiny studio.
  • I have a bank account set up.
  • I looked at a place yesterday which was pretty much exactly where I want to live about 10 minutes walk from the Angel tube stop in Islington. It has a big kitchen and washer and dryer and a little outside area. Do you think it is wrong I want to take the first place I see?
  • In the office today, got a new computer, trying to set it up and get through my 200 emails. Not doing so well at that yet. It is 2:45 and still have 254 items.
  • The weather is nice, not too hot, not too cold. This weekend is supposed to be 75.
  • Can't believe I am actually living here and not just visiting. It is crazy.
I would like to thank everyone who wished me well this weekend and over the last few weeks in DC. You are all welcome to London.  



You can see the Angel tube stop and Islington here.

Definitely not wrong to take first place

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Especially if it has an outside are! Can't wait to visit! How do you have 200 emails already? Will you get to see Megan this weekend?

Not wrong to take the first flat

Munk and I bought the first house we looked at. Go for it.

Glad you arrived safely. I am sure you will miss lots of terribleness on AI tonight.

Who is doing the recap for me?

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I need to know what terrible songs they will end up singing. I can't believe how many emails I have. I was hoping just to download Firefox and do lunch. Sadly have to work.