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This will be my last AI recap for a while. If someone would be good enough to do highlights next week I would be forever grateful. I will do Pop Idol recaps for everyone who can’t watch those.  

Ryan had to shorten his This..Is.. because there are so many things going on this week. 3 songs each! I think Simon does botox. His forehead is sooo smooth. This week the song s are Judges choice, contestant choice, producers choice.

David A – They are in his hometown, onstage. Crazy dad in the background. I loved that his dad got banned from backstage.  And So it goes by Billy Joel. Paula picked the song. He looks so scared every time he is up there. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!! When did this song come out? I don’t think it was on my best of billy joel CDs. 1989 was when the song came out. (thanks google) that was after my Billy Joel phase. Randy thinks he is in it to win it. Paula thinks he was great. Simon said it was predictably good.

Sayesha – If I ain’t got you by Alicia Keys Randy choose the song. You know, Just seeing her and the fact that I had her going out week 2 makes me just question all my gambling skills. She is doing ok, I like AK version better. It was fine, good, passable, just -you know whatever. Randy thought it was good and she is peaking at the right time. Simon thought she sang it well but he wished that randy had chosen a better song so she wasn’t just a parrot. I agree.

David C. – David, what? You got a text message on your AT&T phone from Simon? – The first time ever I saw your face by Roberta flack. Who was that random women standing up. Do we think that is his mom? Why is David’s Dad not sitting next to his mom? Randy is saying he didn’t like Simon’s song choice. Paula actually said something of value in that this isn’t about Simon and Randy but about David. Good Girl Paula. Simon thought it was the best he has ever done. Ok confirmed mom.

David A - With You by Chris Brown – This is awkward. Did anyone else see that article about the word awkward? He really can’t bounce with the song very well, I still think it sounds like he has no idea what he was saying, singing my boo was weird . And it kind of like an adult contemporary version of that song. Was that Gavin Degraw in the audience? Randy thought it was weird that he was singing my boo. Paula said it was ok and he needs to practice singing more songs like that. Simon thought it was like chihuahua being a tiger, I totally agree with Simon. AWKWARD.

Sayesha - Fever Peggy Lee. I thought this was pretty good. Of course it was sort of her type of song. Very Broadway. Why didn’t Randy pick that song instead. Justin Gwarini in the house! Randy thought she sang it very well, but it was kind of a backhanded comment from him . Why is everyone surprised by this song? Simon thought it was a lame cabaret performance. I don’t know if I actually agree with the judges wasn’t it around this time that Catherine Mcphee did the over the rainbow song?

David C –Dare you to move by  Switchfoot. This is a recent song.  I have heard this recently. He rocked it. You know it was one of the few songs that really needed longer. ew cougars for cook sign. Randy thought it was pitchy. Why I just agreed with Paula. Simon thought it was OK.

David A – Producers pick – Ah Adult Hits his sweet spot. Dan Fogleburg. Well it was a good version. Kind of boring. Randy thought it was hot. Simon thought he sang it well but hates the song, Um, David didn’t get to choose it.

Sayesha -  Hit me up. Well she got another broadway type song. Or maybe that is just how she is singing it. It is peppy. Randy thought it was Ok, harsh. Paula said she didn’t think she is going to make it. Simon thought she needed a better song so that she could define herself and it didn’t happen.

David C– I  don’t want to miss a thing – Aerosmith. He could rock this song. I secrectly kind of like this song, if you hear it once a year. That was my one time of the year. I thought it was good. Randy thought it was OK. What?! What is randy thinking tonight. He is in a bad mood. Simon thought David won the night. Paula thought he was great.

Sadness, I hope David A wins so that David cook can have a good career.

Links - Here is the David A Dad Scandel coverage. Thanks for playing everyone.


Fantasia's Performance

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Did everyone not FF through Fantasia's crazy performance.

See it here. It was a mess of wonderful