MB.com Gets an Upgrade

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MB.com had to have an upgrade because it was like 6 versions old.

Good Things about the Upgrade:

  • New Features including Categories
  • Search
  • Polls
  • Email Notification
  • More coming later this week

Bad Things about the Upgrade:

  • I couldn't get all the past posts into this version, but I will have a link to the old posts up later this week
  • Your pictures didn't get transferred so you will need to go to My Account and upload your photo again

I will be posting about how to use the new features. Let me know if you are having issues.



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is there spell check now?

Sadly not yet but should be

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Sadly not yet but should be something that I can get within the next month.

I went from version 4.4 to version 5.1 and 4.9 has a working spell check but 5.1 doesn't have it built yet but should be ready in about a month. So stay tuned. 


My one suggestion: that light green text is tough to read against a white background.  Any chance you could darken it up?


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I will make that change today.