If one of you ends up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I owe someone 50 bucks

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Ryan is begging you to vote for the top 4. I am pretty sure that ain’t gonna happen. Randy has a shiny shirt on. This week is rock and roll hall of fame songs and I am sure that there are going to be some terrible choices. Did everyone read the article in EW about how they pick songs. It was an interesting article, but they contestants are pathetic. Since brooke and david A are mormons, they didn’t like any ND songs because all his songs are about drinking and women. Lame. Also they talk about how David’s dad is crazy controlling.

David Cook – Hungry like the wolf!!!! Duran Duran I heart them. I feel like he is yelling the song and so it didn’t sound as good as I hoped it would be. LC I am sure you loved the Simon LeBon. Randy thought it was OK. Paula is creepy. Simon thought he didn’t make it his own but good enough for next week.

Sayesha – Proud Mary.  Oh she is so going to ruin this. She doesn’t have the voice for this. She is doing it too sexy and not proud Tina Turner style which is what it should be. At least she is wearing shoes this time. That was a weak rendition in my mind. Randy thought she was in the zone. Paula has a big ring on that I find interesting and I want it. Simon thought it was a bad shreeky version which I totally agree. And a bad impersonation of TT. I totally agree with Simon.

Jason Castro  - OMG he is doing a Bob Marley song.  I shot the sheriff. Just spark up onstage Jason and get it over with. This is weak. And Weird and terrible. What was he thinking? Randy  thought it was a karaoke terrible song that had nothing special. Simon thought it was “utterly atrocious”.  A first round audition massacre. Jason is such a tool. Simon and Randy are being really mean and I love it. Why is Ryan trying to stop them when it obviously sucked so much.

David A – Stand by me. Oh his lameness is becoming annoying. I need more confidence. Of course he is going to sing the song well because it suits his voice so well. But what is he wearing? Flock of seagulls shirt? Really? Why not dress it up a bit and put on a suit for the song. That would have been interesting. Randy thought it was great, he thought it was hot. Simon thought he could have whistled and he would have sounded better then Jason. He thought he struggled a little at the end, but best performance so far. Whatever, it had to be the best since everyone else was terrible.

David C – Baba O’riley by the Who. Well that was better then the last song. It sounded like a real song. Randy thought it was great. Simon thought it was great.

There are a billion commercials. Blah

Sayesha – Why has she still here. Can we just have this finish? A change is gonna come by Sam Cooke. Is she comparing the civil right movement to her experience on AI? Terrible. She is fine, she is singing, actually, she doesn’t sound that great. And she has on too much glitter makeup. Randy did not love it. Why is she crying? I wasn’t paying attention to what Paula was saying. Simon liked it. She just won’t stop crying, because she read a lot of what was ridden about the civil rights movement . Glad you have joined the party of the slightly informed Sayesha.

Jason – Bob Dylan – Mr. Tambourine Man – OMG he totally forgot all the words! WTF? He is so going home. It is just a hot tranny mess at this point. Randy thought he wasn’t in the zone. Simon thinks he should pack his suitcase.

David A – Elvis Presley – Love me tender – Why would you not do a better Elvis song? This is such a lame Elvis song. He is doing a super adult contemporary version of the song. I can so see this in a dentist office mix. Or maybe when I am waiting on hold with PAYPAL – Who totally hung up on me 3 times today while I was waiting on hold. Also I ended up actually getting to a real person by screaming into the phone “Are you f-ing kidding me?!” Because by saying “speak to a representative” the automotive system started to hang up on me.

Anywhoo – I think Sayesha will go out because every sucks at this time.


Last night

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Like last week, no one did all that great last night. I love that Jason Castro picked songs by Bob Marley and Bob Dylan b/c no contestant ever goes there, but he was so so bad. It almost makes sense that he was sabotaging himself. I wish David A would open his eyes!! And, what was Paula doing when she got up and pretended to hug Sayesha? I actually felt a little sorry for her after last week's mix-up, but she is just a mess.

Jason Castro

I think he has quit and puposefully did bad. Didn't he mouth "don't vote" when ryan was reading off his numbers? He is desperate to not have to go back to his home town and have thousands of people cheering for him.