Senator John McCain Believes Instead of Fair Pay, Women Need Training

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The reason that I avoid shopping at certain stores is because I know that they do not pay equal for men and women and have been sued over that fact. If John McCain thinks that what I or any woman needs is "more training" and that is why I get paid less is insanity.  

Yesterday, the Senate failed to pass the Fair Pay Act, which would allow women to demand equal pay for equal work. Senator McCain (R-AZ), who didn’t even come to vote, said that instead of legislation allowing them to demand equal pay, women simply need “education and training.” Not only is his information wrong — women still are all too often paid less for the same work, even though they have the same education and training — he’s also sending a message to our nation, to our sons and daughters, that this pay gap is okay, and it’s women’s fault for being paid less.

So to send a message to Congress, and specifically Senator McCain, [women are signing] this petition for Fair Pay and sending Senator McCain their resumes — to show that women have plenty of education, what we need is Fair Pay. You should send yours too!

Don’t worry if you don’t have your resume perfected — you can just write a quick note.Women now make up 58% of college graduates and nearly half of the labor force, but still earn less pay for the same work as men. Worse yet, mothers only make 73 cents to a man’s dollar, for the exact same job. College graduate, high school graduate, law school diploma, nursing degree, whatever your training; women should make equal pay for equal work. Don’t you agree?



Doesn't HRC oppose this also?

First, the federal government shouldn't be injecting itself in to the decision making process of how much an employee makes. Second, just because there is a pay gap doesn't mean that it is because of descrimination. A female economist in the Clinton administration has (can't remember her name off hand - this issue was before the House more then a year ago) pointed to the fact that women are more likely then men to go part time or remove theselves completely from the labor force over the course of their life. Also, what the person's job is, unsuprisingly, plays an enormous factor in how much people are paid.

But, unspuprisingly what the legislation does is far different from what the press releases of its Democrat supporters suggest it might be. If you cut through it all, the Democrats are attempting to “correct” a recent Supreme Court decision. The court rightly ruled on the statute of limitations and pay discrimination. The Democrats are attempting to get around this statute of limitations so that anyone could sue for pay discrimination even if it took place a generation ago


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