Please don’t sing We’re Coming to America

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When I spent a lovely time at the Wenderoffs and got to listen to Howard Stern in the morning, Howard was bothered by Ryan's "This...Is....AmericanIdol" voice and now I can't stop thinking about how much I hate it too! Big night – Neil Diamond. Awesome. They are going to suck. Each contestant is singing two songs. I would love to see Neil Diamond in concert. Has anyone ever seen him? They are doing the recap of Neil’s songs, I got chills thinking about some of his songs and how much I <heart> them.

Wow has he had work done on that face. He looks years younger then before.  He is smooth. I think it is botox.

Jason Castro – Forever in blue jeans  and September Morn – Of course he doesn’t know any of the songs and sings the wrong song in front of ND. He does a good job with the surfer dude version of FIBJ. It is a little weak, but that is his voice. You know I feel like I am just singing the song in my head about how much I love it and I can’t say that his version blew me away. Randy thought it was OK. Simon said forgettable.

David Cook -  I’m Alive and All I need is you – David gave ND goosebumps. Should be good. David is rocking out. This song the guitar is taking over his voice but he does sound like a real rocker/singer which is really good. That I think might the first time I thought the song was too short. Randy liked it. Simon thought it was OK.

Brooke – I’m a Believer and Am and I said – ND was pleasantly surprised. Oh this is terrible. Why would she do this song? And so cheesy version. She looks so uncomfortable. Her trying to be fun is really painful to watch.  I hated it. Randy thought it sounded like Karoke. Simon thought it was a nightmare.

Someone had a sign that said “My husband has a man crush on seacrest” weird and creepy

David A – Guess what. I thought I would not get this but he is singing We’re coming to America and Sweet Caroline. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS AND RUIN MY FAVORITE DRUNK SONG!@!@!@!!@@e#rsdffADT?????EF;HEWTXXD;HF;HG. Randy said it was the bomb. WTF?!?! Simon thought it was immature. Yes because he can’t drink.

This is so f-ing cheesy and terrible. My stomach hurts. PAINFUL.  Why would he ruin a perfect song.

You know what would be an awesome week Peter Cetera and Chicago. I would love it.

Sayesha – Nighttime and Hello Again – I like Hello Again. OW that was terrible this is another butcher ouch it is hurting my ears.  Terrible. Terrible. She is dead to me so whatever.  I wasn’t paying attention when they talked about her.

So I tried my first “Nut-Thins” tonight and if you haven’t had them. They are amazing cracker. You should try them. I cannot stop eating them.

Paula is in a whole other universe then the rest of us.

Jason – Next song – He seems to be trying a little more than he has actually ever before, that doesn’t mean I like it that much, but he seems to be trying. And that ending was sucky. Randy thought it was OK. And really on the bad side. Simon thought both songs were forgettable. I totally agree.

David C. -  He is by far the best singer/performer but I still find him kind of cheesy and keep wishing that it was Chris Daughtry standing there singing so I didn’t have to look at the bad hair and pseudo-punk clothes. Not to take away the fact that I did actually really enjoy the song. Randy thought he rocked the house. Simon thought the song was brilliant and it sounded like the song was written this year.

Brooke – I Am I said – I do like this song. When ND sings it. She is so close to making it a good song but somehow I find it fails miserably. It ends up sounding whiny to me. Someone please take the Nut-thins away from me! Randy thought it was a nice job. Simon thought it wasn’t incredible but way better then the first song. I am not sure that is actually a complement since the first song sucked so much.

David A – UGH. You can not make this song a weird adult contemporary version. I do not accept that. This is just crap. It has no soul. I am going with he is a robot. That sucked sucky suck suck. Randy thought it was good (WTF?!?!) Simon thought it was very good. I hated it. I guess I am the only one.

Sayesha – Nighttime- She looks like a performer I think for the first time. I like her outfit. It is turning a little cheesy. And she is not wearing shoes. F-ing lame. As a performer I expect you to wear high heels and dance around the stage. It is pathetic if you can’t do it and you don’t deserve to be here.  Randy thought it was good. Simon liked it and thought that she might be in trouble which I totally agree. He didn’t think she was memorable.

Well it is over they butchered too many songs. This is like that one year when queen was on and I was totally annoyed and had to buy a bunch of real Queen songs after AI so I could get the badness out of my head. I feel like I am going to end up buying ND tomorrow so I can get this out of my head.

Also – Another plug for Nut-thins Almond Flavor. Really good.



i came to a startlingly obvious conclusion last night:  if AI's producers continue relying on neil diamond, andrew lloyd webber and queen to be the litmus tests for what makes an american idol, then idol winners will continue to fail.  pop consumers don't particularly like neil diamond, ALW or even the beatles.  if they want to ensure american idols are bigger commercial successes, then they need more contemporary themes that truly test a singer's ability to appeal to today's pop audience.

also, natasha bedingfield should've called her song "pocketful of horse teeth".

i did truly enjoy the "this is your life" moment when simon's first kiss called.  simon appeared very ... human.


This year has shockingly appealed to someone like me who grew up in the 80s with a mother who was obsessed with Neil and ALW. I'm guessing that doesn't translate well to teenagers. Rock and roll hall of fame isn't going to be any more 2008 either.

the most exciting thing about AI...

the SYTYCD commercials and teaser


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How am I going to watch SYTYCD in the UK? Hopefully I can find it online.


I love him so much. The AI versions didn't work well for me because I am too used to the originals and noone can match Neil. Syesha's time is up.


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no one did themselves any favors last night. and i agree, david a's adult contemp version of we're coming to america was the absolute worse. and poor brooke, she can't sing anything upbeat - she is so awkward.