Andrew Llyod Webber week!

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This…Is…American Idol. Why can’t Ryan just say it all in one breath and not 17? OOOOOO David Duchvony is in the house! Still hot. Just want to again link to the Larry Sanders Show when he was on. So it is Andrew Lloyd Webber night and since I am a huge musical theatre nerd. I love it! They have a big orchestra which should be interesting. I wonder who is going to do something from Cats! Or Don’t Cry for me Argentina. I love that song/play/movie (I cry every time).

Wow ALW has had a lot of work done. But it must be great to meet him. I am totally going to gush about him. I love so much of his stuff. I don’t think they are going to do very good. ALW said that they need to be able to interpret the words well and I think Jason Castro is not up to that task. I am again not acknowledging Paula.

Sayesha – she said something terrible to ALW – “This is American Idol not Musical Theatre” She is too weak to wear shoes on top of the piano. If you are going to do that – you have to wear shoes. Or else it is just not as authentic. She sounds very good but she is dead to me so whateves. Randy thought she was in her element and that she was great. Simon thought it was very sexy and one of her strongest performances so far.

Jason Castro – Of course he hasn’t seen any musical theatre. He is doing memories from Cats! I thought David A would have taken this song. I am getting chills, but I think it might be because I like the song and not JC. That was a watered down version of the song, it is such a more powerful song then he made it. Randy thought vocally it was a train wreck. And not his type of song.   Break in – Paula is an idiot – End Communication. Simon thought it was the longest 2 minutes. And it was miserable.

Brooke – You must love me – I love this song, she is going to ruin it. Thank god we still have Madonna. WHAT?!?! She just made them restart?!!  You can’t do that!!! She looks so awkward. She is ruining this song and it has only been 20 seconds! She has dead eyes. She has no stage presence. Terrible. Ruined a great song. Randy – didn’t think it was great. Paula calls her out for doing a do-over. Go Paula. Simon thought it was uncomfortable and that she is going to go home.

David A –he is always so awkward. Oh god they let a bunch of girls onstage to give him a hug. That was creepy. He is doing Think of Me from Phantom. Also a great song. I think I might love his version. I agree with ALW in that David needs to keep his eyes open. We think he might have forgotten the words in the middle there. I liked it. Randy thought it was the bomb! Simon thought it was one of his weakest performances and forgettable.

Who was the old rocker they just panned to in the audience?

Carly – ALW is awesome and made her change her song to Jesus Christ Superstar. Stellar choice. She is rocking it. There were some wrong lyrics in there but she seems to be having fun. Much better choice of song for her. I really liked her. Randy thought it was good and liked the outfit. Me too. Simon thought it was one of his favorite performances of the night.

David Cook – Music of the Night from Phantom – I don’t feel like ALW was that confident in David C. He is doing the song straight this time instead of emo version which would be really really weird. You know, I saw this with the original Michael Crawford and while his version was good, it was not as powerful as the original. Randy thought it was amazing and something about hot lava. Simon thought he made the most of the song he was given.

Oh – ryan started singing weirdly that was creepy. Well I think Brooke might be out this week. Do I change my picks or not?