Newseum Review

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I went to the Newseum yesterday. Here are my thoughts in bullet points:

  • Beautiful massive building but like the American Indian museum, I feel they hide the exhibits behind the building so you don't realize how much there is there. It is all hidden away.
  • The pulitzer prize winning photograph gallery - If you do not cry your heart is made of stone.
  • The 4-D experience had some good parts
  • The Berlin Wall was really cool - One side is all graffiti and the East side is just plain.
  • We only saw 2.5 stories because we got there at 3 and it closes at 5.
  • They have more people working there then coming and it was a little odd.
Overall I thought it was good. Worth the 20 bucks. I would go back again. I wish it was $15.  


2.5 stories?

is there a half-story like in being john malkovich?  does it feature a portal that transports you into morley safer's brain?