Mariah Carey has that many #1's

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Down to 7 and up to you. – Only an hour this week and it is Mariah Carey week.(!) Why is Mini Driver there? Ryan is asking people why they didn’t vote for Michael Johns last week.  Introduce the American Idols – I was reading online that Sayesha needs to sex it up a bit if she is going to say on. I guess she did.

Mariah – Of course she brought her dog to the meeting with the AI kids.

David A – He thinks he is not worthy to be in her presence. I didn’t think he would know who she is. Why does Mariah need a Hello Kitty band-aid on her hand. I have no idea of the song she he is singing. He is so Adult Contemporary radio. His voice is nice but whatever. Is he wearing leather pants? That is weird. Randy thought he can sing anything and it was the BOMB. David’s dad has a Newies hat.  Simon thought it was good. Ryan asks if he ate today. Does he have an eating disorder? That is not nice to ask about on the show.

Carly – She looks good tonight Love the necklace. Mariah thought carly had a great voice. I have heard this song before.  “I can’t live. I think she started too small and needed to go bigger on the song earlier. Overall it was good. OH god I love when they show her husband from the right!!! Randy agreed with me. Did they just show the fat guy from Head of the Class? Simon thought it was OK and she didn’t trust herself.  

Syesha – She is singing the song “vanishing” I have no idea what this is. Mariah is trying to help her and Syesha is not getting it. She did go to sexy to try and stay in. We started talking about left handed people during this song so I have no comment – but 10 to 15% of the population are left handed. Randy thought she was bold but she did a good job but pitchy. You know its crazy that Mariah has more #1’s then Elvis. Simon thought it was technically good but didn’t really like the song because it was not a well known song. I want her to leave already. Simon thinks that David A so far is the best still.

Brooke – Brooke missed her sister’s wedding. She does look like she is 35 and not 24. Mariah looks younger. She is singing “Hero” Another song I don’t know. When is someone going to sing that song from 7th grade that I know when I liked Mariah Carey? I think she is sounding pretty good. She is not connecting in any way with the audience. Overall good. Randy thought the bridge was bad but I have no idea what that means. Simon thought it was like ordering an hamburger and only getting the bun. He didn’t think her voice was good enough for the song. Her dress was pretty. Paula just said that Brooke and Ryan look good together on stage together.

Kristy sucks cook – I HATE HER I HATE HER I HATE HER. Whatever. Mark Burnell is a left handed. So is Pele. Ben Franklin was left handed as well and Howie Mandel. Randy said she was pitchy. Simon said she didn’t give him chill thought it was whiny and not great.

David Cook  - Finally I know a song – Always be my Baby.  I like this song. I remember the video. I am enjoying this song. I still wish Michael Johns was singing it with David Cook’s voice.  I am going to end up downloading this. He is so cheesy. Randy thinks he is ready to make an album and Randy stood up and clapped.  Simon thought it stood out by a mile and he loved it. And david is now crying because of Simon’s nice comments.

Jason Castro – “I don’t want to cry” – He has on old man shoes. He still looks kind of uncomfortable in that chair. It was like he always does. Randy did not love it. Paula is creepy. Simon thought it was good.

WTF is Paula saying? Anyway – Glad the night is over. I think I have a blank going out so whatever. Syesha or Kristy can leave.


David Cook

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really did well last night. Hoping he was crying for his brother and not b/c of Simon's comments, but it was sorta sweet. Thought Brooke and Jason C were the worst of the night. Oh besides Kristy of course who doesn't deserve any discussion at all. Thought Sayesha was pretty good and loved her dress. But maybe I'm hoping she'll stay on b/c then I'll win my office pool! I didn't see Mini Driver, but def saw Head of Class guy and Teri Hatcher and her daughter who i think have been on before. Also I'm so over this love affair with Michael Johns. Why does everyone keep bringing it up? Was he really that great of a singer? I never thought he was all that great. Sure he was australian and decent looking, but good looking guys have never done well on this show. I'm just so surprised how much love he's got out there. Hoping it all transfers over to Sayesha and Carly and none of it goes to Kristy!!!


i'm the biggest sucker for an accent and mj sucked poo. i actually thought brooke did better than anyone gave her credit for... but i just like her so i'm bias. and i'm totally not ashamed to admit that only 2 songs even sounded familiar to me. who in god's name is buying all of mariah's singles!?!?!

david cook stole the show. david a sounds great but i admit, i find him boring. although the leather pants just made me uncomfortable for him. sweet kid though. the crazy father thing has made me like him more, so it's gotta help him w/ votes.

David C rocked

I think it will come down to the two Davids for the finale. I think that David A for me is like my love affair with Josh Groban, I just love his voice and could listen to him sing all day, preferably not songs by Mariah Carey however.


i am so very over david archuleta and all his breathy peripubescence.  he can sing but what he chooses to sing is god-awful.  he's like joe satriani - great talent, terrible taste.  if he wins, he'll just carry the banner of AI disappointments.  i think david c. has the most commercial potential.  he's got a good ear and sings well enough.  megan is tired of hearing me say this, but week after week he consistently churns out the most promising singles.  like one of the judges said, he's ready to cut an album.

how old is mariah carey?  she looked great!  she's not only a talented song-writer, but she's also talented at coming up with bullshit compliments.  she told kristy loves cock that she gave her chills.  so do fingernails on a chalkboard.  well played, mimi, well played.

mariah was on german idol this month too.

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in unrelated news, can anybuddy get me some bootleg papal merch?  i can trade anything you want from the ladn of chocolate