London Recap

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Sorry its been a little bit since I posted last. Tonight will also include AI recaps. But I was in London last week trying to get my bearing for my move next month. I met the team and got a feel for where things are in the office and where I am going to eat lunch for the next two years at least.  Interesting things:

- There is a cheese shop by the office that has cheeses that have labels on them like "made by Jim and Sue of Leistershire" How fun! 

- Covent Gardens is a very touristy area so I am sure it will be a tad annoying in the summer but it was fine while I was there, just a lot of people sort of looking up not knowing where they are going so I felt at home.

- I went to a restaurant that the waiters dressed like monks and they served belgium beer. It was good.

I am really excited about the move. I have a lot to do still but the movers are coming next friday to put my stuff on a ship and I will see it sometime in June.