I am in 7th grade again

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NKOTB is back and still kind of hot.


who's your fav NKOTB?

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mine was always jordan, but he isn't doing it for me any more - i may have to switch over to joey mcintyre. super cute. i've always been so embarassed when people ask the question, "what was your first concert?" many people say prince, madonna, - someone who is now legendary. mine was the new kids. embarassed no more! i had second row tickets at their show in roanoke, va, and I'm sure i cried.

Same concert!

I was at that same concert in Roanoke! I hope we sat near each other.

Joey Joe was always my #1. I had them rated 1-5. Jordan was #2. Danny was #5. Poor Danny, he was always the awkward one. I'm glad Josh likes him. 


I so wanted to see them in concert... but i remember not being able to get tickets! i made my dad drive like 6 of us piled in the back seat to what at the time seemed hours away to try to scam tickets to a concert and we couldn't get them. my poor dad. then i hit the phase where i made fun of everyone who liked them b/c i was into motley crue and thought nk were soooo lame. but i still secretly loved them.  it was joey all the way. and i really had it bad for him when he became the high school teacher on boston public.


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I always like the "bad boy" and the young one  joey.

danny wood

because i'm an iconoclast.


ps - my first concert was the buzzcocks.

Kind of?!?

I was going to post this but you beat me to it. I am freaking overjoyed by this come back and definitely buying their new album. I was so obsessed with them when I was 12 that it consumed my entire life. I am very much enjoying the nostalgia.

My favorite part is that in this clip they are saying their signs for some reason (I'm Joe, I'm a capricon) and I still have all of their signs memorized from when I was a kid. I knew everything there was to know about them. Love it.