So Glad No One Did 9 to 5

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Housecleaning items first -  I would like to the Wenderoff’s for letting me stay at their awesome pad for the week. I have to go to London next week so someone else will have to do the recap. Any takers? Also, I am not writing what Paula says anymore she is insane and her input is meaningless.

Terrible April Fool’s joke from Ryan to start the show.  Stupid joke. Nine great performances in only an hour. Isn’t it great that we are down to an hour. Paula does not look crazy tonight.

Dolly Parton bio – Who knew she had 25 number 1’s.

The cast meet’s Dolly – I am fascinated by her face, it’s like she looks young but the total opposite at the same time.  Awesome silver shiny dress. She seems very nice.

Brooke – Singing Joleen. I am not sure Dolly was really excited about Brooke ruining her song. Brooke looks old. Big fake eyelashes. I think she is doing a rendition that you would hear in a bar it was just OK. F-ing high-waisted pants. Randy did not find it stellar, thought it was alright. Simon thought it was odd and thought it wasn’t one of her best performances.

David Cook – He has a punk rock “comb-over” (JW credit) – Dolly seems to like his voice she says it is beautiful. Wow her hair must be a wig. He is singing little sparrow. You know I didn’t think they were all going to do dolly songs I am unsure if I like that. JW spot – Michael Coors (project runway) is behind Randy. Randy thought it was hot. Simon thought he made the song sound good. I thought it was good, a little boring but still good.

Ramiele – She is 4 feet tall. Dolly Parton is taller then her! And Dolly could only talk about how she is little and spunky . Terrible outfit from her again, why does she think high waisted is going to work for her? I have her going out this week, and so far, I am not changing my picks. Randy thought it was alright, 6.5 out of 10. Simon thought it was cute but forgettable and cruise-shippy.

Jason Castro – He has a stalker that Ryan brought the postcards from her out to read. Traveling through – Dolly calls him funny lookin’. He sounds a little weak I think. But cute. Randy thought it started weak and then got better – I agree . Simon hated it. He didn’t think he sang it well, and if it was the first time he heard him sing he wouldn’t get it.

Carly – Dolly thinks she is going to kill the song. I have high hopes. I think she is first person tonight who sounded professional. While I don’t really care for the song, she sang it really really well. Randy thought it was one of the better performances of the night. I love her husband’s face!! Simon thought it was good not great (whatever!) He thinks she isn’t looking like a star and that she needs to change up her stylist. I think this week is better then last week, but she could use a better stylist.

Ryan in the mosh pit.

David A – Smoky mountain memories.  He is just so cute. He is making Dolly cry! Love it. She thinks he can be a great singer. He is trying to look older, but it still looks a little weird. Or he looks uncomfortable in the “cool kids” clothes. He sang it well. Randy thought it was the best performance of the night. Simon thought he was on the money.

Kristy – I forgot she was still here that succubus. She is wearing a terrible dress and her hair is just not flattering. One this song is again terrible I really don’t know why everyone had to sing Dolly songs. I hate to admit that it wasn’t terrible. I want her GONE. Randy thought it was good.  Simon thought this was pleasant but forgettable.

Syesha – Again who should be gone. Of course she is going to do the bodyguard song that Whitney Houston did. Dolly did not like her. She didn’t wear shoes.  I think this is a weak version of the song. But she did hold that last note well. Randy thought it was pretty good (alright). Simon wished that she didn’t get this song because it was not a fantastic version of the song. I totally agree.

Michael Johns – Dolly thinks he could make some good records and she would write songs for him. He is wearing an ascot. David Cook could not pull that off. I love him. Sexy love and lies. I loved it. Randy thought it was blazing hot. Simon got cut off on DVR so if anyone has what he said please add it.

OK week – I think Ramiele is going out. Not changing up my picks. 


the ascot is so 2006

with each week i become more and more comfortable saying this to myself and to others: i like david cook.

I love Dolly

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Are they real or not?  My mom says no, but I think she'd crazy.  Or, better question, because they are obviously fake now, were they real in 9 to 5? 

Next week Bret Michaels is the mentor!!!!

i think they are

that's the whole deal w/ dolly, that they are that big and she is that tiny and they are real. i dressed up as her for halloween when i was like 8 years old. still remember the fabulous pink silk cowboy shirt and enormous bra i stuffed. i love my mom for letting me do that.

i thought last night was good, since my first exposure to these people was beatles week 2 and it was awful. i love carly. and i liked brooke too. little david a is good but i feel asleep before michael johns who i just decided from the first time i saw him i didn't like him.

Why are you going to london!

KLC gets worse every week. She dressed like I did in the 8th grade. I hated everything about Syesha's performance, I can't wait for her to go. I thought Michael was good, and David A of course, and Jason Castro continues to crack me up. Loved loved Dolly. Did anyone catch what next week is? Paula talked too much and my tivo cut off.

Of course I had to watch it late because I had to watch the Caps kick ass! Caps Fever!