You will ruin a song from the year you were born

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New week – top 10 they get the big bucks in AI terms. Intoductions randy is fine. Paula looks f-ing crazy and simon looks the same hotness as ever. Theme this week is sing a song from the year you were born. This week is going to make me feel very very old.

Ramiele- 1987 – Alone – Carrie Underwood did this song as well. Ugh formal shorts. Why has that fad not left yet.  It makes her look shorter then she actually is. She is screaming! It is not pretty. Hated it!!! Randy makes excuses about being sick, says that it was pitchy and not good for him. Paula says she is pretty. WTF is paula wearing?@!? Simon thought it was OK, and it was better then last week which was appalling.

Jason Castro- 1987- Today is his birthday. Go Aries!  Adorable pictures of him. I might like him more. He is singing Fragile from Sting. I don’t know this song.  He is back with the guitar, it suites him. I think I might have actually had this tape. Part of it is in Spanish. I enjoyed it. Randy says it was a good choice, and liked the Spanish, wanted it to be more, but thought it was nice. Paula says he is true to who he is. She wants him. But she did think he was playing it safe. Simon thought he had 2 bad weeks and simon thinks he should take it more seriously. He thought it was clumsy and too much in his own world, but thought he needed to step it up if he is going to win. Jason agreed that he was sloppy with the guitar.

Syesha – I never learned how to spell her name because she should be out already. 1987 is the year. The baby crying thing is crreeepppyyyy. She is singing “if I was your woman” Does anyone know this? So far its lame. Boring. Randy loved it, I disagree, he thought it was unbelevible. Paula thought this was her moment. Simon thought it was the best so far with only 3 people. And he thinks this is her limit. I agree with Simon.  So in a look on the internets, this song was done by Gladys Knight and the pips earlier and then in 1987 by Stephanie Mills who I have no idea who that is and then later by Alicia Keys. Which I am positive Syesha mirrored her performance on.

Chikezie – 1985 – I like him. He is doing Only one night. This lame as well. R&B song. I like it more then country, but barely. This is not very good. I want him to do rock and do a blues thing again. Meh. I was bored. I started to look up information on George Huff from earlier seasons. Randy didn’t love it. Thought it was old school but boring. I wanted it more vibby like randy says. Paula is blabbering and you don’t care what she has to say. Simon thought he sang it well but thought it was cheesy.

I would still not want to be those people in the “mosh pit”

Brooke – 1983 – Why do I still hate her so much. I  think it is the crying. She is singing I’ll be watching you. So far I find it interesting. The lighting makes her look like very old. I think she is really playing that much on the piano so I wish that she could get out from behind the piano that would be better, but we know she can’t. Randy did not love the arrangement and thought she could have made it more interesting on her own. Paula sucks. Simon agreed with randy. Thought it was good enough to keep you in another week. I know I have her as winning, but I really don’t like her.

Michael Johns – 1978 – sadly one of the last AI people in the 70s. We will Rock You/We are the Champions. Oh I wish they would do another Queen all the time night. I loved that. I love Queen. He is not doing a bad job. I think this might be better then that whole night a few years.  Brings me back to High school Love it. I LOVED IT.  Randy thought it was the best performance from him. I am done recapping paula. She is annoying. Simon thought it was the first time he saw star potential. He thought he got it right. The only memorial performance of the night.  

Carly – 1983 – Totally eclipse of the heart. I lurrrvee(which means more then love) this song. She is going to well. I got chills. We were all silent here so I a pretty sure that means AWESOME. And they showed her husbands face. Randy didn’t love it-WHAT>?!><!>!@@@>@>@!!! He sucks I do not agree. Simon thought something didn’t quite work in that she was uptight and that she needed to lighten up. Whatever I thought she was good.

David A – Ryan makes some remark about David’s Dad.  – Ack- 1990 – 7th grade for me. I was conscious during 1990 and I have NO IDEA what this song is. I am hearing from the peanut crowd that this is a mormon spiritual, and from the sound it sucks like it could be. He is singing well, but this song is terrible and you would never want to hear it outside of AI you would turn the station so fast if you heard that on the radio. Randy thought it was a strange song choice, but thought it was a great singing ability. I guess it was some Australian singer.  Simon didn’t like it at all, and thought it was reminiscent of a theme park and that he should have animated creatures behind him.  I TOTALLY AGREE.  Randy agrees with his laughter.

Kristy lee cook – Whatever she is dead to me. 1984 – I could care less what she has to say. She is throwing the patriotic song (God Bless the USA) out there. I hate her. I am going to puke. I wish you could vote for who you wanted to leave.   That song should not be sung unless it is July 4 and there are fireworks. So now the judges are being all quite because is song is so patriotic. I hate them all. Simon thinks it is the most clever song choice because he knows she has just conned then entire audience into voting for her shitting singing. AARRRGGHHH. SHE NEEDS TO GO.

David Cook – 1982 – He thought he had a massive skull when a little kid and yes he still does. What is that old lady doing in the mosh pit. Billy Jean – emo style – I am intrigued. I wish it chris daughtry who was singing this and not him. He just isn’t cute. But I do love this. That was by far the best of the night. That was awesome. Randy thought it was the best of the season and Hot. Simon thought it was brave and it was amazing. I totally agree. I might have to download that.  



Jacob's recaps on TWOP make me pee my pants. Here is a great quote about KLC: She heads over to one side of the stage and saves some puppies from Nazis and knits a doily for our boys in Iraq and paints a sign saying "Cancer Is Bad," and then on the other side of the stage, Our Lord Jesus Christ gives her a high five and he's like, "Remember that time I was walking on the beach and then there were those footprints? Thanks, Kristy Lee Cook."

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David A

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Screwed up big time, and I love that Simon pointed out that his dad must be picking his songs! Loved Brooke, Carly and David Lee Cook for the first time. KLC is clever. Too clever. But she can't keep it up for more than a week or so. It has got to fade. Jason Castro may be in trouble tonight. I loved that he totally played into Simon's comments that he "didn't seem like he really cared" All those goofy expressions. Not sure why this isn't making him more likeable.

thank god

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I didn't watch and needed these recaps.  The Billie Jean is a cover of a soundgarden cover, which is a little sad because I heard it and thought it was awesome, but thought it was his arrangement, which I guess it wasn't.  I need to listen to carly on youtube.  Your recap is wonderful and now I don't have to watch.

paula's outfit

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you know paula's outfit must be really bad when matt churchill comments on it like 7 times. he said it was like madonna meets catwoman. natch! i can't believe i am not annoyed by brooke. i actually like her. she seems authentically pure or something. michael johns is not. carly picked the perfect song--why are the judge so suddenly hard on her? could kristy lee have chosen a better song to play to her base? god bless america, she is going to be around another week. meredith, i LOVE your recaps!

KLC cheated

She shouldn't be allowed to sing that song. I loved Michael Johns and I also like Brooke, but David Cook so obviously took home the prize last night. Definitely downloadable. David A. made the worst song choice in history. What was that?

david cook

i love to hate him and hate to love him, which is why i'm so conflicted.  week after week he consistently turns crappy R&B and pop songs (hello, billie jean, eleanor rigby) into overwrought rock anthems - and it works.  he might not be the best singer, but his songs seem to have the most potential to be hits.

meg and i were shocked - SHOCKED - that carly was so roundly panned.  we thought the song choice was perfect and that she handled it well. that dress, though - looked like something from jeffrey sebelius minus the impish charm.  she needs to wear more flattering clothes.  funny that her mom named her after hearing carly simon on the radio.  good thing luther vandross wasn't playing.

if i have one complaint, it's that he is predictable.  if next week's theme is disco, he'll turn how deep is your love into a creed song.