Another Beatles Week? Why?

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So  I missed the first hour but I thought that I would just do the second hour. So you are going to have to make your decision on the first hour by yourself. Let’s get to it.

Oh they are already doing the “my favorite moment of American Idol so far” vamp piece.

Carly – I like her, but blackbird. I love this song. Don’t mess it up. I have decided that I hate the “mosh pit”. I like her shirt, it has shiny roses around the collar, I think it is cute. Her voice is great, I am not a huge fan of the arrangement though.  Overall I would say a 7 of 10. OOOOO they showed her husband on his tattoo face side. Awesome. Randy loved it.  Paula says she is F for fantastic. Simon thought it was a bad choice he thought it was indulgent. She is really talking back, it’s weird. Simon is now uncomfortable. The judges have just devolved into jibberish.   Um – she got a tattoo of the number 7 on her finger for season 7 of American Idol. Weird, but not all that surprising.  I am almost surprised that she hasn’t gotten a tattoo for each of the songs she has sung.

Jason Castro – He is singing Michele. OMG. He is not a smart boy. He might be the Kelly Pickler of this season. Cute and Dumb. It had to be a guy sometime soon. I think he is a little too casual with the song. The girls are soooo going to vote for him. He has an ear thing in, isn’t that cheating. Randy didn’t really like it, thought it was OK. Thought he didn’t connect to it. I agree with that. Paula thought it was uncomfortable for her that he didn’t connect to the audience. Simon thought that he was lucky that this is a TV show and not a radio show.

I am switching between AI and the Biggest Loser. Weigh in is starting. Love it. I can’t believe how much some of these people have lost!  One guy has lost 121lbs!

Syesha – I have her going out tonight, and I am totally fine with her leaving. She is singing Yesterday. She is wearing a lot of glitter. Watching this in hi-def is fun. You can see how much makeup Ryan is wearing. Oh she is singing, I am kind of bored. There were some good parts but whatever. Randy thought it was very good. Paula (BTW – what is with Paula’s shirt?) – says she needs to connect more, but it was good. Simon thought that was her best performance. It wasn’t incredible though. And then the back-handed comment that brooke should have sung the song not her.

Chikezie – So he is going to play an instrument even though he never has before, just because other contestants. There is no reason to do that. I like when he gets a little bluesy with the songs. I liked it. Randy thought it was good and bad, thought the slow part wasn’t that good, but the fast part was good. I agree. Paula disagrees with Randy but she is an idiot. Simon thought it sarted of OK and then he played the harmonica and that was terrible (I agree) and then he thought it wasn’t good. He thought it was gimmicky. I wouldn’t go that far. I liked it.

 Ramiele – Is she 3 feet tall? They kept showing her hugging people and being at their waist. This is cheesy. It’s like a bad 80s song. Her outfit is also terrible, what is with the girdle and the t-shirt combo? Her voice is good, but the arrangement is just cheesy and terrible. I am not totally sure I can blame her for that. Randy thought it was alright. Paula thought it was better then last week. Simon thought it was very amateurish and she chose a terrible song for her.

Well I didn’t see the first hour so if someone could recap that it would be great.


Poor Carly!

She was a victim of being so good that people assume other people are voting for her. I will vote for her from now on. Otherwise, thank goodness Amanda O. is gone for good.

amanda o

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even though i think she is horrible, i thought for sure that the southern vote would carry her for another few weeks. maybe we'll get lucky and southerns (read: conservative republicans) won't vote at all this year, for anything.

the southerners

... were all voting for kristy lee.

It didn't tivo!!!

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I watched the first half (thank god!) at my parents house and when i went to watch the second it taped DWTS!!  I was so upset.  Thank god mere caught the oposite so I feel like I've seen it all.  Was syesha really good?  I need to get speakers at the office.  TBL is soooooo f-ing awesome.  What is wrong with the contestants?  At this point pride lame-ass alliances need to be thrownout.  Why anyone would vote to keep jay instead of brittney is insanity.  Jackie must be furious at danny for being so stupid!!!!


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there were so many mediocre performances. it is hard to pick the bottom 3. kristy lee cook has to go. she is terrible. amanda o's southern rebellion thing is annoying. and poor brooke has no stage presence. that dancing? i felt sorry for her. no wonder she hides behind the guitar and piano.

More Beatles

Not a good idea. Basically, David A. and Carly were awesome, Amanda was god awful, and everyone else was mediocre. I have no idea what to do with my picks. I thought Michael Johns did on the well side of mediocre and the judges were too harsh.

Oh, and they had a whole thing about how ear things are allowed this year but Paula thinks it's throwing some people off. 


this was the first AI i've seen this year, and i thought the judges were actually right on, he was terrible. not knowing about any of them, i thought david a and carly were by far the best, and i thought the yesterday glitter girl was really good too. john cook was pretty good but i hated that weird microphone thing he tried to do and he isn't anything special on the guitar so put that away too. i could see how chilkezie or whatever could be great, but that harmonica just distracted me way too much and ruined it. the rest i thought basically stank, but could at least see that brooke would be good with a better suited song.... and not in yellow.