Tonight is your night to ruin a Beatles song

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New AI set – New year of recaps. First I would like to thank Julie and Jerry for letting me stay the week and eat their amazing food and sleep in their extra room. Also I would like to thank LK for doing the pool again.

So new set – lots of circles moving, a mosh pit. It is like a MTV movie awards but totally not.
Introduction of the judges. Does Randy have big sideburns? Terrible. Paula looks drugged. Simon has on a sexy unbuttoned shirt. Ryan’s hair is sort of triangular.
Lennon/McCartney songs tonight. Sweet. Which ones are they going to totally f-up. I wonder if someone would do Sgt. Pepper. That will be great terrible.
Simon is pissed at Ryan. I think the low shirt comment pissed him off.

Syesha Mercado is up first – Got to get you in my life – Bizarre choice I think unless she is going to change it up a bunch. She didn’t. Cruise ship singer is going to be Simon’s comment. Comments from the house –“If I heard this on the radio I would change the station right away”. Totally agree. Randy thought it was Earth Wind and Fire arrangement which I think was supposed to be a compliment but sort of not. He also said Pitchy at least 3 times. Paula said she looked beautiful. WHAT?!?! Simon liked it!?! How is that possible. I am disturbed.
I can’t believe those people have to stand up for 2 hours in the “mosh” pit.

Chikezie -he has on a watch/sweatband that matches his sweater vest. He mom is cute. He is sing She’s a woman – I am enjoying this. Starts off country goes to rock. He is rocking out and working the stage. I really liked it. Randy was thoroughly entertained. Paula said stuff. I think she liked it. Simon is in shock he loved it. I did too. That is a potential buy it might be my new ringtone. Who knew?
Ryan is back to the suits instead of the old navy t-shirts. I like the t-shirts.

Ramiele - In my life. This song is going to be hard. I love the Bette Midler version. Ugh. The crowd is annoying with their synchronized arm waving. Getting close to FF’ing. Kind of boring. And ending with the ooooeeoooo. Lame. Randy thought it was boring (we agree). Paula says she looks lovely which means she didn’t like it. Simon was bored to tears. He made fun of her standing on the stairs. I thought she would be better then this as well. Randy come out and says he is not sure she is going to make it to next week. Ouch!

Jason Castro – His little movie he sounds like an idiot. He is singing If I Fell. Oh the girls will love this. He so has eye shadow on. He keeps going to high. I don’t think it is necessary. And he really couldn’t hit it. Randy liked it but didn’t love it. Paula is saying nothing I have no idea if she liked it or not. Simon says he was a student in a bedroom at midnight. He didn’t like the song.
Shot to the Kardashians are in the audience. Only because Ryan produces their show. Simon has been holding onto Paula’s chair. Is he keeping her upright? Could there be any more commercial breaks?

Carly – She works at the Field in SD. Which is the only bar I go to when I go home. It’s a great Irish bar. She is my new favorite. Come Together. I like that she always wears stuff that you can see her tattoos. I liked that. Randy loved it. Paula loved it. Simon loved it. He referenced Kelly Clarkson.

David C – I hate his hair. HATE IT. Elenore Rigby. Oh god he is making it sound like “ creed” He is even doing the “Creed” stand. I was so-so on the whole thing. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t awesome. Randy thought he was pitchy but then rocked it. Paula liked it. She called him a thoroughbred. Weird and gross. Simon thought it was brilliant. He thinks he could win the whole thing. I don’t know about that Simon.

Brooke – She is doing Let it Be. It is good, but I am bored. And she is crying at her own song. And she is not wearing shoes. Lame. Randy – didn’t think it was her strongest performance. She is still crying. Paula says we can feel her heart. Paula is lame. Simon thought it was a great performance. She is crying even more now.

David H. – He kept talking about how he worked at a “Pizza Bistro” we all know what that means. Saw her standing there. This is a little too bad poppy version of the song. I like this song when the beatles and when tiffany sang it this version is not as good. He outfit is Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. Randy didn’t like it. Paula didn’t like it either. But she say she “loves his voice”. Simon thought it was corny bordering on desperate. It wasn’t cool. I totally agree. Ryan interviews and says “ I know you had a stressful week…” David did well and didn’t say anything.

Really only one song per commercial break?

Amanda – You can’t do that is what she is singing. This isn’t going as well as I hoped. I can’t decide if I liked that or not. There were parts I liked, and parts that were not as good. Randy thought she rocked it out. Paula thought she was a star. Simon didn’t think it was as good as last week and that it got shouty. Oh Paula needs to shut up. But Simon did like it.

Michael J. – He is a tennis coach. That is cute. Across the Universe is what he is singing. He is making weird faces. That was good. I liked it. I listened the whole time. Randy wanted him to do more with the song. Thought it was a little boring. Paula really liked it. Simon thought it he should have done what the Irish girl did. He wanted him to be better. I can agree with that.

Kristy Lee Cook – she is singing 8 days a week as a country song. I will reiterate again that I don’t like AI country before she starts singing. Her outfit is terrible. Those jeans? This song sucks. This is painful. Randy liked part of it but he didn’t really. “All of me hated it” – Julie. Paula hated it. Simon thought it was horrendous. He thought it was dolly parton on helium. What a great comment.

The Ryan/Simon fighting is getting old. Already.

David A. – He is so cute. It’s just adorable. We can work it out is what he is singing. Oh he forgot the words! That is going to totally mess him up. He did it twice! Doh! He was not very good at getting over it. I think he might start to cry. This song is sounding a little too much like David H. and that wasn’t very good. Randy thought he was not on point and was forced. Paula likes his voice which means she didn’t like it. Simon thought it was a mess. He looked like he was going to cry.

There were some terrible performances and there were some good ones. I have no idea how to order the list yet.


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wonderful recap

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Here are my picks for the record... very hard this year!


David H





David C





David A


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I cannot believe that no talent blonde is still in this? WTF?!?! David should have stayed in.