Dice Undisputed

Has anybody been watching this show? I heard Dice call into the Sports Junkies last week and immediately put the show on my tivo. Dice was hands down the funniest person in America in the late 80s and early 90s. Adventures of Ford Fairlane - classic (saw it in the Skyline mall theater). I always thought Sam Kinnison was overrated. Anyway - the show, for those who don't know, started with Dice filming himself in his attempt to come out of retirement and sell out Giants stadium. He eventually persuaded VH1 to pick up the show. If there's one thing this show has shown, its that Dice still has it. The show intermixes Dice going about his comeback with clips of his standup act. I, for one, can't wait for him to come to DC. His hit albums - the Diceman Cometh and the Day the Laughter Died - better be on itunes because i have no idea where my cassettes went.


10 people from the late 80's/early 90's funnier than Dice

- Bill Hicks

- Jerry Seinfeld

- Phil Hartman

- Dana Carvey

- Sam Kinison

- Arsenio Hall

- The Wayanses

- Chris Elliott

- David Letterman

i might give you

seinfeld, hartman and kinnison certainly have their cases to make. but, of those - kinnison's the only one who made his fame purely on his standup. i'd argue that as successfull as seinfeld was with his standup that he truly made his name w/ the sitcom. and hartman stayed w/ SNL til the bitter end. i guess dice's dirty words burned your virgin ears. i'm suprised you didn't put carrot top on your list.

you wrote "funniest person" not "funniest stand-up"



i'll standy by funniest person. he was a lot funnier then most of that list.


Andrew Dice Clay is the #2 thing I'd like to forget about the 90s.  Peg rolled pants is #1.

just watched the 3rd ep last night

and this showtime special that he had been preparing for feel through. i definitely feel bad for him. i hope he comes through dc. it seems like he's starting from scratch playing the small comedy clubs.