80s Style Boys

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I don't know wny they don't start out with 80s night on the first week of the top 24 so I get to hear more 80s songs. I love the 80s. I think most of the boys did well. I think that I mostly like the songs so I really was just thinking about how much I love the 80s music and not totally paying attention. I liked the young one, the stripper, the aussie, the combover and...

I cannot believe that the hippie did a Jeff Buckley song. He does not have a haunting and wonderful voice like JB. And that last high note was just terrible and he knew it. 


the judges are on crack or something

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 they were so bizarro last night. and what was with randy and the name dropping? that one girl, kady or katy, needs to go. she sucks, and I like that simon said she was amazed at her lack of personality. the irish chick bothers me for some reason. but, i'm warming up to brooke. she seemed a little too nice/sweet/perfect at first, but she's had 2 good song choice weeks in a row.

The Girls Stink

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I like Carlie and Ramielle (can you believe Randy called her by the wrong name this late in the show?) the rest stink a little. Why in god's name were the judges praising amanda o?  She is the worst EVER!


I enjoy the boys much more than the girls and Kady Malloy is the worst and must go home. I think Amanda will as well, although there were some other snooze fests and way too much Whitney. I also like brooke but wish she had rocked it out a bit more. That whole scene with the judges talking about yogurt was very bizarre.

Yay winner of PR (won't name any names in case you haven't seen it yet)! 

project runway

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i loved it! the winner totally deserved it--no question in my mind. can't wait to discuss at book club!

Agree with ALL of you

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Can't wait to discuss tonight. Girls stink, cept for Brooke and Carly. David A should easily walk away with it at this point. Missed PR, but I know who wins so can't wait to hear reactions then go home to watch.

Jason Castro

I loved Jason Castro, he was my favorite of the night. The three Davids are all great, David the rocker really stepped it up last night, although Archuleta is still my favorite overall. Luke is embarassingly bad and I think Noriega may just go as well, even though I adore his cuteness.

 Also! Did anyone hear Simon's comment after David H. performed? Munk and I rewinded it several times and we swear he said "he strips for money" before he realized the mike was on.

we heard that too

sounded like simon was joking to randy that he should make a comment to that effect.

I love the 80's!

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I did not liek the JB song either and was shocked at how much simon liked it?  David Cook is my new favorite and I called in over and over and will download that song.  Michael Johns needs to step it up or he will go (WTF with randy thinking that was an INXS song?).  Poor, poor Luke Menard... what a disaster!  I think Luke and Chekezie will go and Danny will just make it.  I can't stop singing emo hello. 

Biggest loser was awesome as poo though i am going to miss Berndana.

River of tears

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OMG can you believe there was even more crying this week on biggest loser? When the young kid just started crying in the middle of working out - I had to start FF'ing becuase I couldn't deal with all the crying. But I still love watching that show. Bernard's little transformation shot was amazing. I can't wait to see the finale.


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ANd we had to watch Jay cry it out again!  augh.  Did anyone not cry?  Brittney, Maggie, Bernie, kelly, jay, dan... did Rog cry?  Otherwise 100%!  I love it!  that vending machine was totally rigged.