Has everyone heard that David Hernandez was a stripper at a gay bar? Frenchie got booted a few years ago after her nude past came out, if fair is fair they will boot David as well.


last week

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My sister told me that over a week ago so I guess no one cares.  Once I saw he was a gymnast I had a hunch... I bet he does a lot of walking on his hands like all that hangar club dudes.  America loves that the Juno writer was one. 

BYW- I watched unhitched and thought it was the worst load of poo ever (as was last night's october road... and didn't love the big give either though I hate to say it)

stripper with a heart of gold

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I think AI is over kicking people off for those sorts of things. I bet he stays, they will probably make one of his interviews about it though. I my week off last week Oprah had a stripper on to talk about why she is a stripper so if Oprah is OK with the strippers, America is OK now with the strippers.