Never has this show delivered so many answers in one episode. Loved the way they incorporated the flashback device into the plot. The show has finally made amends for last season's poor showing - and then some. I finally feel like some real light is being shed on what's going on. It seems like the island is in some divot in the time-space continuum that's caused by an overconcentration of electromagnetic waves. Apparently, the divot is too deep for sailboats to escape but not submarines or helicopters. Anyone notice that Hanso was the previous owner of the ledger? And that it came from the Black Rock? Apparently, Widmore was looking for the island back then.

Bravo! They've bought themselves at least one more season of good will.


loved it too

and i think the key to leaving/coming to island in the sub and helicopter was knowing the EXACT coordinates to go in and out of... so sailboating would be pretty difficult.  it also seemed like they said to jack that the helicopter may not have been gone as long as they think... as though the time is slow on the island - which i guess makes sense for the eduardo aging other dude, but isn't that backwards for walt's prediciment? did he rapidly age when he crossed out? and, doesn't christmas eve match up to how long we think they've been there, or no? they crashed in oct, right, so over two months? i think i'm confusing myself.

Show Recap

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Pajiba is doing recaps of all Lost episodes.

Here is this week's

This was in the comments. I love this theory:

So, we know that exposure to electromagnetism and radiation plus coming to/leaving from the island causes the time travel. So, do you think this may have anything to do with the Oceanic 6? If you remember, when Desmond turned the failsafe key, the entire island was engulfed in that pink light. However, Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer (and Michael and Walt) were all on the Others island at the time, and Sun, Jin, and Sayid were on that boat checking out the four toed statue and trying to find the Others island. Sawyer wants to stay on the island, so let's take him out of the equation. If we are under the assumption that Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Jin, and Sayid are the Oceanic 6 (which I am), could it possibly be that they are the only ones who are able to leave the island? They are the only ones who have not been exposed to the electromagnetism. Aaron has known Kate his entire life, so she would be his constant and he would be "stuck" in time again (and I'm not including him in the 6 because he was not on the flight manifest).

Awesome Episode

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It was just like the first year again when it was amazing. wow - wow - wow. So do you think Desmond had those movements of consciousness before when they found him in season 1?

So good. I kept gasping.

She really did keep gasping

It was hilarious.

I read today that the "unstuck in time" is a reference to Slaughterhouse Five, which seems so obvious I can't believe I missed it. Yay bookclub.