Am I the only one who didn't see Carly in the girl's section last night?

Still love John Michaels and newly love the Castro kid who I have never seen before.  And the kid from Staunton because he is from Staunton.  Poor Garrett, why was he even included. 


top picks - jason castro and david archuleta

castro looks like a combination between a young john travolta and bob marley.

michael johns is a douche.

 losers - the first kid and kevin menard.

john travolta!

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mgc said the SAME thing about castro reminding him of john travolta, ala battlefield earth. despite that, and archuleta likely being a mormon, they are both my faves too. i think luke menard is very very good looking, and i loved that he sang the midnight cowboy song, but he sang it like it was a love song and that was just stupid. too bad. and, garrett needs to get rid of that pathetic attempt at growing facial hair. he is also the one that simon said needed some fresh air and some sun, or something like that. then they brought up seacrest and spray tanning. hilarious. i think what i was most surprised about last night is how much i still love this show.

it is the greatest show on earth

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I hink luke m looks like will turner from pirates and i think yeager singing moonriver all smiley and great was the worst- its a sad song!  he stinks!  i can't wait for tonight i hope overmyer gets the boot- i hate her and i hate that her last name sounds liek mine.  Where is mere?  she'd baack and should be posting.

moon river

when yeager jabbed his finger to emphasize one of the lyrics was one of the cheesiest moments of the night.

garrett has the most potential to be this year's sanjaya - and not just for the hair.


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Did you all see that he was on that MTV reality show cheyanne- he was her bf.  Now i think he is lame.

David Archuleta

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has the mormon vote too. He's a shoe-in! I love Castro.


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Poor poor garrett and yeager and luke menard.... tragic.  I liek noriega and thought he wasn't that bad and i LOVE that the staunton kid looks like ellen- I love him even more now.  I didn't see carly, but i also wasn't really looking.  She was still on the little dance thing at the end.  I was very upset that michael johns did a sonfg we already heard- so annoying!