Final Final Day here in Siem Reap

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I am leaving for the airport in an hour. I can't believe I have been here a month! It doesn't feel that long. Things I am going to miss:

  • All the classes I have taught. They have all been challenging and so much fun.
  • The temples, they really are amazing
  • Riding my bike around the busy streets, I did have a great time doing that. I think also because I was a westerner everyone would say Hi to me or at the least stare at me which you just get used to.
  • The food and the prices. Cheap cheap here in Cambodia.
  • The monks. They are everywhere and so cute. Too bad you can't hug the monks.

So my bike I actually gave to Mr. Pe here at the hotel, he is about 20, was only in school until 6th grade and wants to learn english but didn't have anyway of getting to the english classes so he is now the owner of my bike. There are three other bikes going to the kids and Mr. Pe has been at the hotel the entire time and when I come back he is always trying to learn english so I help him with pronunciation.

I would without a doubt come back to Cambodia. This country is wonderful, and I think in the next few years it is going to change so much in both good and bad ways. Hopefully more good then bad. They are so on the cusp of becoming a whole country again at least in these cities, but the corruption is just so terrible that you wonder if it will be able to break free of that. I am excited to see it.

I am going to Bangkok and then to an island off Phuket that does not have TV or internet so I'll sign off until the 14th. Hope the superbowl was fun for everyone.

I also was able to upload a few more pictures. This is of Ta Prohm temple the "tombraider" temple, the most famous outside of Angkor Wat. This temple has been left as it was found and very little restoration has been done. The trees that are covering it are called strangler fig trees which is a perfect name.


very freudian

is it wrong to be turned on by trees?

enjoy the rest of your trip

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bangkok should be fun and phuket should be relaxing, no? i can't believe your month in cambodia has already gone by! i bet mr. pe is thrilled about that bike.