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Since I haven't really posted about much of the daily life. Food post for the foodies. Surprisingly, Cambodian food is really not spicy. At all. The two main Khmer foods are Curry which while not spicy is really good. It is heavy on the fresh coconut milk and very creamy and usually includes onion, potato, pumpkin and whatever meat you ask for. It is really good. You can ask for chilies to make it spicier, but I don't think it needs to be spicy. The other main Khmer dish is called ämok which is steamed fish wrapped in a banana leaf with a different curry and morning glory. What they refer to as morning glory is not what I think we would call morning glory. It sort of looks like a leafy vegetable, but I can't think of what it would be in the US. Amok is also very good, at every restaurant it is a little different but usually tastes like a green curry.

I have three other favorite things here. Fried Pumpkin with Tofu from the Khmer Kitchen. It is 2 dollars so you can't go wrong with that, and fried here is just stir-fried not fried-fried. So it is stir-fried pumpkin with tofu and egg. I don't what they do to it but it is delicious. Pumpkin here is also a little different then in the US the pumpkins are about the size of an acorn squash and a mix of orange and green. They are delicious and I usually get some dish that includes pumpkin. The other dish I really like is this soup that they bring out a clay pot that is filled with broth and you get to put in greens, mushrooms, meat, tofu, eggs and noodles and you then make your own sauce with chilies, fresh lemongrass and garlic and then spoon out the soup into your bowl, you usually have 3-5 people to make the soup with. It is delicious. A little more work then just getting soup, but totally worth it.

We also did Cambodian BBQ one night which was actually just terrible becuase it is always between 90 - 100 degrees here and the BBQ is a flaming hot bowl on your table and face level. It takes up almost the entire table so there is no escaping the heat. Then you go and get meat from this "meat bar" that is just raw meat and seafood hanging out. I realize that none of us got sick because the flames of the BBQ killed every living creature in a 5 foot radius but it was still a tad sketchy. While in the end the BBQ was really good, if someone asks you to go, don't do it. You just end up sweating and really don't enjoy the meal.

Other things I have enjoyed here are the pankakes (as spelled on the side) from the street vendors. The pankakes are like thin pancakes cooked with an egg and then sweet milk is poured over. Like a crepe. The fresh spring rolls everywhere have been delicious. The only thing close to a salad I have had here. Everywhere has fresh fruit juice which is also very good.

My last day here - so sad! I didn't think it would go so fast.

Sidenote of yesterday - I had to go with someone here to the hospital because she had a bad reaction to a bug bite so I got to see the tourist hospital in action. We were 1 of two patients so the whole emergency room visit took under two hours. My only issue was that I think I killed 50 mosquitos while sitting waiting. Those stupid bugs were everywhere. But the staff was very nice and they all spoke english. The tourist hospital is actually run by the Thai's.  


MMM Pumpkin

Since "how was the food" is almost always my first question to a friend just returning from foreign travels, I really appreciate this post. :)

 Today is Super Bowl Mere and as such, PUPPY BOWL has returned. Goddamn they're so cute.