New School, new things

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It has been a few days because I have not had an internet connection, either the hotel wasn't working or there was someone on the computer. So I have forgone the free computer and am now at an internet cafe. The .25 an hour is fine.

So this week I have been teaching at a night school at Wat Damanak. It is a free school for anyone who wants to come. Everyone is between 16 - 22 so very different from my elementary school kids. The best part - my second class has 2 "baby monks" they are both 17 and adorable in their orange robes. The second teacher is also a monk and he is super nice and has only been learning english for 3 years and is very good. It is kind of fun to have almost a conversation with the kids in the class. they are close to understanding me, but the teachers usually have to translate a little. it is quite nice to have someone who can speak khmer and pretty good english at the same time so when I try to explain something they can actually explain.

Yesterday in their book, we were learning the past perfect and I have to say I had no idea what that was. Good thing I had the answers. We also did the difference between Fortunately and Unfortunately.

Yesterday my bike got a flat tire as I was riding and I had no idea what to do, but I walked it to this random stall on the side of the road an a very nice woman took my bike, found the hole in the tube, patched it up and put the tire back on. I paid her a dollar. And I think I paid too much becuase she was saying thank you too many times.

I am only here until monday and I am totally sad about that. I wish I would have known about the night school earlier because I would have taught there as well the whole time. They are a great bunch.