Updates for the week

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Few updates.

I got more pictures uploaded finally after many hours of trying.

Here are all the rest of my photos from the main Angkor Wat temple. My pictures do not depict the scale of the reliefs that are on the walls of the temple because my pictures are up close and the walls are 500 meters long. so my pictures are showing maybe .05% of each wall.

I have also been able to upload all the pictures of my classes. They are such a cute bunch. We took pictures by rows so there are some rows of all boys (and they are trying to act cool in the pictures) and then rows of girls and some are mixed. Really there are just a lot of kids.

I am not exactly sure what I am going to do next week. I might be teaching english at a night school, but I also might go to the PACE house and start to create a website for them. The PACE house is a house that is 13 boys and girls who have been taken off the street and given a home and they live in this house with a house mom and go to school and are learning english. They have all had very very sad beginnings. There is a new girl named Ra and she is 17 and is now in the first grade. At 7 her parents sold her and she ended up in the sex trade. She is quite a lovely girl with sad eyes and very shy. My heart breaks when I think about all the trama she has endured. She has only been at PACE for a few weeks.  And they all have stories like her.