Updates - from the week so far

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Hello - Catching everyone up on what has been happening. I went to Ankgor Wat and the surrounding temples over the weekend. It was amazing, they are massive and intricate and beautiful and amazing and my pictures do not do them justice. Even up close it doesn't look real. We went to the "tomb raider" temple called Thom Phron which is the one temple that they didn't clear up and fix from the jungle so the trees have grown over so much of it and breaking it up. Its beautiful. A lot of them you could climb up to the top with these sketchy stairs and my fear of heights was tested over and over again trying to get down. This other temple called Bayon has all these towers and on each side of the tower are these faces. There are like 30 different towers at different levels with all these faces carved into the rocks, it is really cool looking. I will try to put up my pictures soon.

On monday we go to the school and the school is on the grounds of a temple and it just happened that a new school of monks had just passed some tests so the whole town had come out to give them offerings. There were 250 monks all dressed in many shades of orange and all the people had set up tables and the monks would walk past each table and people would give them money or water bottles or other food. It was a great thing to get to see and we even got to give some of the monks an offering. That was a great experience. Of course I forgot my camera, but the others got pictures of me giving offerings to the monks. In my Churchill superbowl t-shirt I might add.

Today was the first day I rode my bike to work. I had to build up the courage to ride by myself down these crazy streets. It wasn't too bad. I figure that the key is to bike really slowly. One - because the bike is a beachcomber bike with only one speed so you can't really go that fast anyway, two - there are lots of pot holes and if you went to fast you would totally end up in one of them and fall off the bike, three- I think the slower you go, you are almost like an inanimate object so the other cars, motorbikes and tuk-tuks are forced to see you and go around you. I think it will get easier. I have to cross 2 big roads which are kind of scary (big road as being one lane each way) but one lane each way means there is room for 2 cars, 2 tuk-tuks, 4 motorbikes and 5 bikes and sometimes a tour bus. Its crazy fun. I think after this I should have no problem riding my bike in DC. At least there are stop signs and signals in DC.