Updates from Khmer

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Hi everyone - I have finished up my first "week" of teaching and I am really getting to know the area here. The kids at the school are cute and some of them want to learn. There are 50 kids in each class and it is hot so I think it is hard for them to keep focus. I know I have a hard time focusing in the heat. We learned the alphabet with the fifth graders and the 6th graders we did the months of the year. Some of the kids take private english lessons on the side so they already know this stuff, but the poorer kids don't and everyone can use some practice.

Last night we went to a Cambodian wedding. And it was awesome. The wedding just happened to be the wedding of the year here in siem reap and super swank even for US standards. They had it at a really nice hotel and there were at least 300 people there. It was a sit down 8 course meal. Most of it was really good. Also on every table was a bottle of Chivas 18 year. If you opened the bottle, you had to drink the whole thing. We were on the side of the room where it was all tables of old men who went through thier bottle before the second course. It was great. We opened our bottle and then gave it to the other table when we left so that they could finish it. I would say that was the 4 bottle that table had. Crazy tradition. Also - Cambodian dress-up is like an 80s prom threw up on itself and then added more tulle and sequines. It was awesome. Everyone was shiny and glittery and had their hair done like it was prom with lots of up-dos and crazy curls. Some amazing outfits. I wish I could have taken more pictures. The Bride and Groom don't get to eat during the reception, they have to greet everyone who comes in and then they change outfits like 3 times (always matching its amazing) and walk around and talk to everyone. We did get a picture with the bride. She was in another amazing outfit.

We got up at 4:30 this morning to see the sun rise over Angkor Wat. It was pretty cool, I will write more about that after tomorrow. We are still in the middle.