24 Hours in Cambodia

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I have now been in Siem Reap for 24 hours. Here are initial thoughts and things that are goingo on:

  • I found out what I am doing here. I will not be working at the orpahage because it is 30km away but instead teaching english to 3-5th graders 4 hours a day at the local public school. This has me more stressed out then work. If anyone has ideas about how/what I should do. Let me know
  • The hotel is very nice a little outside of the main city center (which is 4 blocks)
  • I should have realized that I needed to turn on the hot water heater to take a hot shower instead of taking a very cold shower.
  • There are 2 other voluteers here right now John and Cassie. They are in college and very nice. Glad to have other people around. Another person comes next week.
  • I have to get to the job 2 ways - either get on the back of someone's motorbike or get on a tuk-tuk which is like a motorbike but there is a carriage at the back.
  • Pictures uploading now. Have to go to dinner. More tomorrow!


pictures & children

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love the pictures--can't wait for more! the bar street looks fun, and those children playing are as cute as can be.


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I can't believe they switched it up on you!  Don't stress you will be great!  fun fact- tuk-tuks are called that they the noise their stinky little deisel engines made as they tuk-tuk along.  Both commuting options seem scary as hell to me....

New Option

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I bought a  bike today. So now I am going to join the craziness and bike to the job. It was only 30 bucks to buy the bike and it would have cost me a dollar a day to rent. And now the bike at the end can go to LHA for one of the kids to ride to school. Gonna be crazy!!

Teaching English

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I would go woth more Russel Ziskey and less Adrian Kronauer

if you're nervous...

just imagine the kids don't have any clothes on.  and if that gets you hot and bothered, bangkok is just a few hours away.


I think teaching english is going to be a lot more rewarding for you because you will actually see people benefiting from your efforts.  If they don't know anything, start with colors and numbers and basic phrases.  All sounds very fun.