If you like The Wire, you'll love American Gangster

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Russell Crowe is not terribly annoying (actually quite good); Josh Brolin plays an excellent dirty copy; and my man Denzel Washington is fabulous as an entrepreneurial drug dealer. Remind you of anyone? Well, Stringer Bell even has a small part.

The movie is actually reminds me more of Heat in that there are two parallel stories: one cop and one criminal, and the criminal is really sympathetic. You kinda hate to see him go down.

I highly recommend it.



what if you don't just like but rather love the wire more than any other television show ever?  will i even be able to contain myself?  no offense angela, but, sight unseen, i think you're off your rocker for even comparing the two.

did josh brolin switch to CAA or something?  what's with all the work he's getting?  first, american gangster and now no country for old men, which seems great.  coen bros. back in old form doing gritty crime dramas.  and javier bardem with the dutch boy 'do to boot.

Book Club

We just read it for book club last month. I didn't love the book but I can sort of see how it would be a good movie. It was a fun book club anyway.

Isn't it like 3 hours long?

I'm not sure I have that kind of patience.